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Welcome make a difference!

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Welcome to Room 120

I am super excited to have you join me in room 120 this year! I know that we will have an amazing year of learning and growing together as a community! Each of us will be an integral part of one another's lives over the next 9 months. Just as your child comes to me to learn, I too will learn from your child! That is what makes teaching such a rewarding job! I get to spend my day with individual learners, leaders and role models. What better place to be? I can't think of one!

I welcome you to come into the room when you have free time. You can email me and let me know when you'd like to come into the room and share in your child's learning life!

Please make sure to find me on my classroom twitter account @smartiepies or @MrsPiechowski. You can read up on my yearly journey with my blog!

Math Websites

If your student happens to forget their "HOMEWORK" at school, here is the link to pull up and they can write their problems and answers down on a sheet of notebook paper!

Moby Max Web site

This is a link to the online Moby Max math program I want each of my kids working on.

Think Central Parent Login Video Tutorial Quick Guide for Parents

Martie Leman

You can contact me via my cell phone at 810-845-5981