By:Tristin Marie


I went to UTA with masters degree,but you only need a bachelors degree.The total cost is $54,912.


My yearly income is $53,171 and my monthly income is $4,430.92.Then my income taxes are $13,292.75,so with my net monthly income I have $8,861.83.


I bought a ford f-150 SVT raptor 4by4 and it was built in 2011.I bought the truck and the total cost of the truck itself is $44,945.A full tank is 6.2 liters and I sped about $75 each time I fill up my tank.I have State Farm Insurance with a monthly cost of $40.75.My total cost per month is $870.


My Address:7405 Fossil Garden Dr. Arlington,TX 76002

My house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and it has 1,819 square feet.My total cost of the home is $156,500 and I pay $577 a month.I thought "home" would have just been the house cost but it turns out it is:electricity,water,internet,and insurance.My electric company's name is "First Choice Power".Every per kilowatt is $0.08.Each month I pay $80.My water company's name is "Arlington,Texas".Each month I pay $20.My internet cost $19.99 a month with a bundle and cable.My State Farm insurance cost $12 per month for theft,fire,and natural disaster.I spend $688.99 a month total for all of the things in the housing category.

Living Expenses

Family Expenses