Save Our Planet By Ella Major

ella major

what is water and whats it used for?

Water’s from the water cycle. This water cycle has been around for 1000 of years even when the dinosaurs were roaming the earth. The water cycle works like this water evaporates from the surface when it gets hot as it gets higher and when it gets higher it gets colder so the little drops squish together and form a cloud the clouds as it gets higher and it gets colder so they shrink and it rains. Water is used for cooking, showers, bathes, watering the garden, playing and most of all drinking!

how and why is water wasted?

Water is wasted in many ways this is what they do. When you’re having a shower and put shampoo in they leave the shower cap on and you should tern it off because they’re not using the water. People also clean the car on concrete and that water runs right on the road and that’s bad you should wash your car on the grass so you give you grass water. Also when brushing teeth people leave the tap on while putting tooth paste on you should turn the tap off while putting tooth paste on. Water is wasted because they don’t know what’s going to happen to this world of ours.

What will happen if water is still wasted?

If water is wasted the world will drought and the flowers wont sprout our diets will quench and we will get sick and die so just imagine you were about to have a shower and no water came out and then you saw your flowers were dyeing do you think that would horrible or not. I think it would be horrible.

What can we change?

We can change what people are doing by saying to people that if we do not save water we will suffer of being quenched. We can also be environmental worriers and rivers will drought and the same to the wonderful sea. We hart to think about other things it’s not all about us it’s about water as well.