Twelfth Night & She's the Man

By: Samantha Mendez

A Brief Summary

In both the play and the movie, Viola makes herself look and act like a man to prove a point. While, in her man disguise she meets and befriends a guy named Duke Orsino, who she ends up falling for herself. Later,she finds out that Duke is already smitten by a women named Olivia, So he asks Viola to help him get her. But, when she finally meets Olivia, Olivia ends up falling for Viola. So with that there ends up being a big love triangle. At the end of the story Olivia falls for Sebastian who is Viola's brother and Duke falls in love with Viola.

The Differences Between The Two

Twelfth Night:

  • Viola fakes to be a whole another person named Curio.
  • Illyria is a land not a high school
  • Viola thought her brother was dead
  • Olivia was really wealthy
She's The Man:

  • The spiders name was Marvolio not a person
  • Illyria was the name of the school
  • Viola faked to be her brother
  • Olivia tried to make Viola jealous while she was Sebastian

Comedy Ladder

Comedy of Ideas:

  • An example of comedy of ideas in the movie "She's The Man" the idea it is showing is that everyone has a secret, matter if it's a small one or a big one everyone has one.
Comedy of Manners:

  • An example of comedy of manners would be in the movie "She's The Man" when Viola would say or act like a girl because she forgets that she is faking to be a guy, so all the guys around her give her strange looks.

  • An example of farce would be in "Twelfth Night" when Viola faked being Curio to everyone.
Low Comedy:

  • An example of low comedy would be in the movie "She's The Man", when they stuck tampons in their noses.