First Grade News

Kind, Respectful and Responsible!


We are starting Objects in the sky! Day and Night Vocabulary: Clouds, moon, star, astronomer, telescope, sun star, phases, changes. We will compare and contrast the sun (our closest star) and the moon. For example, when we see them, day or night. One gives off light, one reflects light. We will observe changes in the sky, the sun appears to move across the sky during the day, but it actually the earth moving. We will understand the difference between a New Moon and Full Moon and the pahses it goes through.


February 15, No School

Save the Date Aprill 22 Zoo Field trip

Try outs for Talent Show March 31 and April 1


No test Feb. 19

Test Feb. 26 first, just, last, lost, rest, best, past, fast, must, frost

Language Arts

We are continuing with Fairy Tales for another week. We will write our own Fairy Tales. Then we will be writing a about a personal hero OR why you would want to be President.