Postpartum Depression

Finding an effective solution

Postpartum Depression Awareness

With more people becoming aware of postpartum depression, it will be easier to find a more effective way to help victims recover.


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Postpartum Depression Awareness in New Jersey

Postpartum Depression Awareness in New Jersey

Positions, Analysis, & Supporting details

  • In the article, "Postpartum Depression: One mom's mission becomes a movement." it showed how Katherine Stone and her blog, Postpartum Progress, are considered one of the most leading sources of information and support for moms suffering from some form of perinatal illness. The blog helped raise awareness and push more scientific research on causes and treatments, and improving screening for the disease. This blog can help raise awareness by letting the readers see what experiences stone went through while facing the depression. She talks about her feelings while going through this rough patch in her life and all of the overwhelming symptoms she had.She also speaks about how it is difficult for therapists and the outside community to fully understand what is going in the mind of a mentally ill person. The blog can help readers understand the importance of making sure a solution can be provided for these women in a safe and efficient way as quick as possible.
  • In the article ,"Girl Scouts Engage in the Fight Against Mental Illness stigma with Mental Health Awareness Patch" it explained how the mental awareness patch was developed in order to help erase the stigma of mental illness through public education. In doing so, over 500 Girl Scouts worldwide have participated and received a patch for playing a positive role in their communities. This can help spread awareness about postpartum depression. As girl scouts continue to learn about the mental illness, they are also spreading the information with their surroundings and peers making the importance of finding a solution more aware to people.
  • The article "A Solution That Now Looks Crazy" discusses how the government destroyed the Mental Illness Treatment System. By releasing thousands of mental patients, they ruined just that many lives. The article discusses in detail how the government released hundreds of thousands of mentally ill patients assuming they'd be able to adjust, in order to create a "mentally healthy America". It then provides the horrifying details of what happened to those unstable patients once they were deinstitutionalized. "The egregious error was the failure to provide treatment to patients after they left the hospital." The majority of the patients who were released ended up in jails and prisons, in nursing homes, or homeless.