Niman Ranch Farms

Committed to Quality

Niman Ranch Farms - A History of Sustainability

Niman Ranch Farms continue to make good on their promise to bring the finest-quality meat to the marketplace, something they have consistently done for the past 40 years. Now a network of 700 family-owned American ranchers and farmers, Niman Ranch has grown into one of the best, and the largest, collection of independent farmers and ranchers in the industry; a company proud to have earned the reputation for its unwavering commitment to humane, all-natural and ever-sustainable animal raising methods.

Niman Ranch Farms produce hogs, cattle, lamb and cage-free eggs adhering to the strictest of industry protocols, those that place the health and welfare of the livestock first, and before anything else. Begun in 1970, Niman Ranch started as a small cattle ranch just north of San Francisco, one with a focus on raising animals with a wholesome, all-natural diet in an environment built on the values of humane and traditional animal husbandry methods. It wasn’t until 1995 that Niman Ranch was introduced to hog farmer Paul Willis, whose commitment to the revitalization of sustainable hog farming made a perfect fit into the Niman philosophy.

Since that time, Niman Ranch has offered a selection of delicious, humanely raised pork, lamb and beef products, and is known the country over for its devotion to the most humane animal raising methods and practices.

Niman Ranch Farms continue to carry on the proud, four decade old Niman Ranch tradition and approach to husbandry, and strive towards providing consumers something delicious, memorable and meats and eggs far better than they ever thought possible.

Niman Ranch Farms - Animal Care

It’s important to know that all Niman Ranch farms and ranches are living up to and performing within established NR protocols for humane animal care and welfare at all times, which is why Niman Ranch takes several important steps towards ensuring that every independent farming and ranching operation in their network not only shares in their time-honored values and vision, but that they are consistently meeting those standards at all times.

All potential Niman Ranch farms and ranches who wish to join their network must be believers in the Niman Ranch way of animal raising standards, considered by many to be the gold standard of animal husbandry throughout the industry. Before becoming a part of the network, these farms, which already tend to share the Niman Ranch vision, must make any adjustments needed to fit within the Niman Ranch standards, and must then sign an affidavit declaring their agreement to adhere to Niman Ranch protocols. When an operation’s application to join is reviewed, any aspect that fails to meet these protocols must be corrected before any animals from that operation are accepted.

Niman Ranch farms and ranches must also provide Niman Ranch documentation on everything they use, and have used, to feed their livestock. This is critical, as any feeds that violate the Niman Ranch standards will mean no acceptance of their animals from Niman Ranch at any time. Nr officials will also make regular visits to and inspections of network farms and ranches, and will conduct audits on every ranch at random to ensure everything is continuing to meet their prerequisites.

Niman Ranch Farms - The Best Beef, Developed from the Best Diet

Every animal in the charge of Niman Ranch farms and ranches is fed the best diet possible; a 100% vegetarian diet that always leads to the best quality, best-tasting beef, pork and lamb available on the marketplace. As the producer of the best-tasting beef in the country, and a company trusted for high-quality beef by numerous national retailers, grocers and restaurants, Niman Ranch works around the clock to ensure every customer gets the benefit of the best cuts of beef each and every time.

The family farmers on Niman Ranch farms raise their cattle on pastureland, allowing each cow to mature throughout the entire grazing season alongside their mothers. Their beef cattle are then fed grain, which always leads to the best quality, most succulent and best-tasting beef possible. It is because of this commitment to an all-natural vegetarian diet that makes Niman Ranch beef so incredible, and so special, and has helped to make the Niman Ranch name synonymous with great beef throughout the country.

Niman Ranch farms and ranches work towards the production of cattle that go the slaughterhouse in prime and peak condition, one in which each beef cow is storing the maximum amount of intramuscular fat, something that results in the some of the most flavorful and tender beef on the market. While many in the agricultural community feed their cattle large amounts of rice bran, hay, almond hulls and other assorted feeds, all the while claiming their beef to be “grass fed”, Niman Ranch maintains a commitment to an all-natural diet, and never claims anything other than the truth when it comes to what has gone in to their process.