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Each week the OSS Science Department will provide a weekly update for the 2018-2019 Science Fair and all things Science. If you missed any of our previous week's information, you can find it here.

Week 8

Science Fair Week 8 Update:

Projects have been checked by the county. Please ask your science teacher if your project has been approved or not. If your project has, then congratulations, you may begin your science fair project!! If not that is alright, we will have to fix your research plan, fix your forms, and resubmit for approval.

Please make sure that these forms get fixed before November 2nd. When you are starting your science fair project please make sure you are keeping detailed entries in your science fair research journal. This journal is a composition notebook, no spiral journals. There can be no ripped pages, no white-out, and only be written in pen. The research journal is a diary. It starts with a detailed table of contents. It will have the many parts to the research plan with

the page numbered at the bottom. After the plan has been written the daily logs can be placed inside.

The research journal logbook will have previous ideas, sketches, contact logs, data, and even pictures of the progression of the project. Some teachers will have due dates in which they check the log book of your progress. Mr. Stampas has one on November 13th.

A Science Fair project cannot be done in one weekend. Ideally, you want multiple replications,

doing the entire project over again. In one replication you will have many trials, repetitions, and attempts. Try to aim for 30! (Surveys will have 50+ and computer program based ones will have 100+). One replication should be completed before Thanksgiving break, another during/after Thanksgiving break. If you want to win at regionals a third replication needs to be completed during/after Winter break. After one replication assess what went wrong. What were some of the errors? What was off from the goal you are trying to achieve? What was something unexpected, that didn’t go as planned?

Take note of all of these and do more research. Gather more sources (add them to your bibliography and binder) to figure out a solution. Then modify your experiment method. Write down the changes in your journal. Then try them out in the next replication. STEM Art has been collected. Please visit the Fall Festival to see the final results!

Best of luck Orcas!

Mr. Stampas

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