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Each week the OSS Science Department will provide a weekly update for the 2019-2020 Science Fair and all things Science. If you missed any of our previous week's information, you can find it here.

Week 15: Experiments are due


week 7: experiments continue

Week 6: Forms completed

Students should have turned in all required forms for their science fair project and completed all required parts of their project at this point. If not, their science teachers informed those students what forms or parts of their science fair project they are missing. Without the required forms, students cannot start on their experiment. Once the forms and parts of the science fair projects are up-to-date, their teacher will inform the student if they can start their experimentation or have to wait until county approval. Students will have until November 13 to complete their experiment. Their next journal check will be on November 18.

Week 5: Paperwork Collection

This week in Science Fair teachers are collecting necessary paperwork. All of the resources you need can be found at the Science Fair Weekly news page. Good luck Orcas!

WEEK 4: Science Fair Forms and Starting Your Experiment

Hello future scientists!

This week in Science Fair HQ, we will talk about forms to fill out in order to advance to the county and state-level Science Fair to represent our school.

First, let's start with a recap from last week. During the past week, you have developed a comprehensive plan (Research Plan) to strategize how you will be conducting your scientific investigation. Now, your Science teacher, or anyone else, is able to follow your plan, oversee the possible outcome or pitfalls and give you feedback. Based on the feedback you get from your teacher; you will be able to revise your research plan before you actually execute it to maximize the success of your scientific journey!

Next week, you will be submitting several forms to your teachers. These forms have been uploaded to your science classes with some pre-filled sections. Make sure to use the digital forms provided by your teachers. Turn in the signed copies to your teachers and keep a copy for yourselves. There are some useful videos on https://www.yingexpo.com/student-forms on how to fill these forms correctly.

These forms are a very important part of progressing to school, county and state level Science Fairs. There are also special projects that require pre-approval by the county before you collect any data. These projects are any project that involves the following would require additional paperwork.

  • Humans (surveys, behavioral studies, etc.)
  • Vertebrate animals
  • Potentially hazardous biological agents (such as bacteria)
  • Hazardous chemicals, activities & devices

Please make sure whether your project requires pre-approval or not before starting your data collection! If you have already received confirmation from your teacher to start your experiment, you should start your experimentation. As always, communicate with your science teacher if you need any help or clarification on the forms or other parts of your project. We are here to support you in creating a scien-terrific project that you will be proud of!

Best of luck Orcas!

Mrs. Demir

Science Fair Coordinator, Lynx Campus

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