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This week: Music in our schools and lives

March 2015 marks the 30th anniversary of Music In Our Schools, the National Association of Music Education's annual celebration. With the wealth of tools available, it's possible for a teacher in any content area to incorporate music into their instruction. Here are a few to help you find your rhythm!
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BlueGobo: Musicals resurrected on video

Described as "YouTube for musical theatre geeks" (thx,!), viewers can search 9 decades of television and film performances capturing excerpts from Broadway favorites. Original posters, promo material, and production info, too!

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Public Domain Information Project

Do you ask your students to back presentations with music? Introduce them to PD Info in your copyright discussion. Historical and contemporary sheet music, Royalty Free music tracks and a list of public domain music helps refine student searching.

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Science of Music | Exploratorium

Enjoy movies, try interactive exhibits, and ponder musically-oriented questions like, "Why do some songs get stuck in my head?" Part of San Francisco's Exploratorium. Warning: "Kitchen sink-o-Pation" can be loud! Check your speakers before jamming.