Coral reefs


We are decimating the reefs

Humans are the reason there are 70% less coral reefs in the world.. We used to have coral reefs every where in the picture beside here.

How we are killing the reefs

We are physically killing the animals with explosives and such. Over fishing the reefs and when we polute we cause global warming which causes the water to become warm and that can kill the fish in the coral and makes the coral bleach.

Some animals that live in a coral

Blacktip Reef Sharks,groupers, clown fish, eels, parrotfish, snapper, and scorpion fish), jellyfish,anemones, sea stars and etc. We are killing those fish and there homes

Plants in the coral reef

Some examples of the plants.

zooxanthellae, algae,seagrass,plankton,and Mangroves


  • stop throwing trash and such in the ocean
  • use a filter for the water that you wash down the drain
  • planting trees help reduce runoff
  • using organic fertilizers
  • have a limit on how much you can fish near or on a coral reef

destryoing the reef

Well there is more but oil spillsis a big one and so is over fishing and global warming is also killing them but physically destryoing the reefs for a aquarium or a musem is not right. But people still do but back to the first thing people blow reefs up because they can make profit.