The Lychee

By: Kayla McLean

Info on Lychees

The Lychee, originated in china is the most known fruit of the soapberry family. This tropical fruit grows from a slow growing tree that can go from 30 feet to 100 feet. These tropical fruits are aromatic, oval, heart-shaped or nearly round. They also have a thin leathery, rough skin that is easily peeled when fresh. The flesh is glossy translucent-white or pinkish, its tastes resemble that of a grape mixed with a strawberry and a watermelon but sweeter and also covers the seed and also high in Vitamin C, Potassium, Copper, and Thiamin . The lychee grows well in low elevations and along rivers and near the seacoast. There are over 100 variations of the Lychee grown in China.

Ways Lychees Can Be Cooked

  • Addition to fruit salads and desserts
  • Sweet and Sour sauces
  • Mixed into drinks (Martinis, Magaritas, Smoothies)
  • Baked into muffins and breads

Some Recipes That Have Lychee

Interesting Facts about Lychees

  • In India and China the Lychee trees were grown in an air-layering method
  • Lychees were first recordedin 1059AD

What's With This Fruit?! - LYCHEE