Avatar Evolution Project

Angela Rader

Describing the Phenotype

The direhorse is the most native creatures of Pandora. They have two long antennas. The color of their skin is like mostly blue but they do have some green and brown mixed up with the green color.

These animals are very easy to startle and when all six legs working in full speed they can reach up to ninety - five kilometers. The direhorse is an omnivore that uses its long snout, as well as its long giraffe like tongue to feed on sap. It is able to capture some protein intake through insects trapped inside the sap. There are lines of operculi down the neck to increase the amount of air they can intake with each breath. They are a autotrophy because they find their own water and food to survive.

A whole bunch of scientist found out what these creatures are. How they found out was they were in the woods looking at some other creatures in the woods. When they were looking they found something very interesting. It looked like a horse but it wasn't a horse. They did some research and once they did some testing with this creature they figured it out. Direhorse and actual horse share a common ancestor. They share some of the same characteristics.


Angela Rader