Tech News for the Region

Sharing Info

I like to share information and this format makes it prettier than our emails. I probably won't normally send out a newsletter but there are a lot of changes going on around the region that I thought everyone should know about.

Fiber Switch Over

Thanks everyone for all of your patience as we go through this upgrade.
Statesboro, Metter, Swainsboro and Pembroke are on Fiber.
Claxton and Richmond Hill are still waiting for installation.

Monday July 7th and part of Tuesday July 8th the libraries in Statesboro, Swainsboro and Metter were without Internet. When Statesboro is down no one can check their work email because the server that it lives on is sorry about that. The outage was because an optical relay in Newington, Ga owned by Planters Telephone failed and it took them a while to track it down.

So, that was terrible and hopefully will never happen again.

Your Summer Reading Flyer Online Views

I thought it was interesting how far our online summer reading flyers traveled around the world. It was posted on your Facebook page and the website. I pulled the numbers and map for each branch because I thought it might be fun for you to see. The red balloons are locations where someone looked at your online flyer from. They were mostly looked at along the US east coast.
The program I used to make the flyers is called Smore and we have a library account that all the branches can use. If you are interested in learning how to use it I can show you or we can arrange training. It is super easy to use.

What I am working on

  • I am currently working to repair several computers around the system.
  • I will be installing Google Chromeboxes at Metter and Claxton.
  • Metter, Claxton and Pembroke will have a new printer installed that is e-print capable.
  • The help desk ticketing for each branch will be ready to roll out soon.
  • MRR grant money will be available soon for equipment so think about what you need in the way of public technology needs. Look around when you are at work and if you think "hey we need new monitors on the adult computers" tell us. It is like Technology Christmas!
  • Once we move beyond the Break/Fix phase we can think about training and fun stuff.
  • Bridgid has suggested some of you to be my helpers and I'll be in touch with each of you to make plans. If you want to volunteer for social media, making online flyers or have the overwhelming urge to disassemble computers let me know.

Staff Training

Summer is winding down and it is a good time to think about staff training and professional development. Jay Turner the state Director of Continuing Education sends out a list every month and while some of the topics are not relevant to me, I do find some really neat webinars to attend. Work with you managers about attending and most of the webinars are only an hour long. There are different workshops every month and there are topics to interest everyone like story-time ideas, grant writing, new apps and makerspaces. I wear headphones and watch them while I am working on other things. If I can't 'attend' many of them email you a link to the archives so you can watch it when you get a chance.