Neolithic revolution

by Orlando Corella perez


A revolution is a widespread change of life such a change occured in the Neolithic age. As living as roaming hunter-gathering and began farming in settled agrarian communities.Also the Neolithic Revolution did not occurred quickly it happen over thousands of years. People during this time were nomadic.They move from place to place following the migration of animals . Not every body continued farming. Some people stayed nomadic because they couldn't keep up with farming.

The first crops

As they traveled early people gathered food from wild plants. Also when there was not that much food people needed to move to a new location.People were able to control their food supplies and could settle in one place. The first crop growers? Where woman. They knew patterns over the seasons. Some continents grew different crops. The middle east grew figs, lentils, and rye. China grew millet and rice. North America grew corn,beans, and squash. This are some the continents that grew crops. While woman grew crops men continued to hunt-gathering. This caused some people to abandon their settlements and return to hunting and gathering. Some innovations such as the use of fertilizers and farming tools. Also they say that wild gain might of led to the beginning of farming.

The first Farm Animals

Dogs were the first domesticated animals.They were descended by wolves.The first domesticated farm animal happened about 10,000 years ago.The first domesticated farm animals were goats and sheep. Some farm animals created some problems. This problems were diseases like the swine flu and the avian flu. Also all of the farm animals where doing more of the farm work. So people started to do other jobs like. To build houses, make pottery, and many more jobs. Instead of following the packs of animals they were hunting to rich food sources. Goats and sheep were probably easy to domesticate because of their small small size. These animals could be used to help with labor in the fields and come to be know as the beast of burden.Beast of burden means animals that are strong and big. Some animals that are the beast of burden are Cows,Ox,and bulls. Also Goats and sheep provide food , wool , milk ,and manure. Also the domestication of animals enabled farmers to increase the amount of food they could grow because animals could efficiently do more work more quickly than humans could. The domestication of animals helped to provide a stable food supply and enabled the development of civilizations.