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Reflection on Media Literacy

Over the years, the idea of media literacy has evolved. Today, as electronically advanced people we tend to prefer picking up a smart phone, tablet, or laptop instead of a book. Media and communication technologies play an important role in our daily lives, but many of us worry about the impact that it has on us. Media literacy allows families to become more aware of both intended and unintended media messages. We learn to create and think critically about these media messages. These skills allow us to take control of the media that surrounds us, rather than letting it control us. Many of us walk around with wireless technology in the palm of our hands, Media and communication technologies are increasingly becoming integrated in our every waking moment. We tweet, text, post and post and talk all day and yet sometimes we feel very disconnected from the people around us. Many have trouble disconnecting even on vacation. There are many health concerns when it comes to media literacy as well. A strong exposure to violence in the media and aggressive behavior, as well as a strong correlation between heavy television viewing and obesity, substance use, and increased sexual activity at younger ages. In addition to the health concerns mentioned earlier, media can be powerful tools for teaching and learning. There has been an increase in cognitive and social abilities when media literacy is used effectively. For example, a high school such as this commonly uses media literacy for everyone, including the special needs students. It has made learning a lot easier for them and less frustrating.

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What does prejudice mean? Prejudice is a conviction that the numerous contrasts between races decide social or individual accomplishment, normally including the thought that one's own particular race is better and has the privilege than guideline others. Prejudice is one of the world's real issues today Race is an arrangement of hereditary, organic qualities, and zone related attributes. One impact on bigotry is the media. The media bigly affects the way races are seen by society. The media is comprised of TV, daily papers, magazines, film and radio. Bigotry is sloped in the United States. This prejudice is filled by the general population as well as by the media. The media in the United States has an extremely supremacist perspective.

The TV is the most well known spread of bigotry. These are the most straightforward way the media spills prejudice to America. In certain network shows the media is attempting to catch certain gatherings of people, and a large number of those groups of onlookers that they are attempting to go for are white. For instance shows, for example, "Companions" and "Seinfeld" are pointed toward the group of onlookers white working class.

On network shows, there is minimal interracial and joined ethnic gatherings in light of the fact that there is generally on-screen characters of one race on every TV program. The vast majority of these shows are of white individuals. The media has now thought for the dark individuals and when they do have dark individuals on these shows they normally depict them as dolts .

This hindrance between various races on TV is an issue. In the first place the network shows are not demonstrating the assorted qualities of America. These shows introduce a general public made up of one race. This is not an appropriate representation of the American culture. Besides, these shows might be the main thing veiw crowd might have with a specific race or ethnic gathering. What individuals are not seeing is this impacts youngsters. Youngsters are anything but difficult to affect, and the additionally spend numerous hours viewing the TV. At the point when youngsters are demonstrated stand out race, it makes negative musings towards different ethnicities. This is a generalization that the media depicts through network shows and makes youngsters be close minded and biased.

Amazon Echo #BalwinBowl

Amazon, advertised their new product called Echo for the 2016 Super Bowl commercial, a choice that underlined how forcefully Amazon is pushing the individual associate/remote speaker to the mass business sector. Alec Baldwin is arranging an excessive amusement day party in his chateau, complete with the tremendous nibble stadium we were guaranteed in the teaser promotions. He's joined by Dan Marino, who was his co-star in one of those teasers, and new companions Missy Elliott and Jason Schwartzman. The competition between Dan Marino and Alec Baldwin is reignited when Dan reprimands his host for having "breaded wings." “The Echo is associated with the web and can normally give data like Googling a subject” (“Heavy”). Alec asks the Echo what number of Super Bowl titles Marino has won and she declares to the gathering "Dan Marino has won zero titles." Marino counters with "Alexa, what number of Oscars has Alec Baldwin won?" While she is answering that the number is likewise zero, Baldwin hinders with the order "Alexa, stop." The commercial ends with Missy Elliot telling Alexa to play her new hit single. The purpose of this commercial is to raise awareness about the future and what Amazon has in store for its customers. "We’re showing Echo in this Super Bowl campaign because we think being able to control your lights, order a pizza, or listen to music with only your voice is magical, and we wanted to show that in action” (“Moorehead”). Amazon’s ostensible audience is women and men who are looking for a new way to listen to music and access the internet in a quicker manner. The actors and athletes in this commercial make it humorous and upbeat.

Amazon Echo: #BaldwinBowl Party feat Alec Baldwin, Dan Marino, Jason Schwartzman, & Missy Elliott

Donald Trump Politifact

"If it weren’t for me … (illegal immigration) wouldn’t even be a big subject."

Donald Trump on Thursday, February 25th, 2016 in comments during the CNN debate

This statement was said during the Republican Presidential debate in Houston, Texas, on Feb. 25, 2016; opened with a discussion about illegal immigration. Donald Trump seems to think that he is the reason why there is even a discussion about immigration. He has suggested building a wall all across our southern border with Mexico and making them pay for it. To those for whom fighting illegal immigration is a top priory, this might sound like a smart idea, but this completely ignores reality. The border is more secure than it has been in years. You must first think about our country’s population of undocumented immigrants had dropped by about 1 million over the last several years. We don’t need the wall but what we do need it a smarter immigration enforcement.

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Ted Cruz Politifact

"About 70 percent of Republicans nationwide ... don't think Donald Trump is the right guy" to take on Hillary Clinton in November.

Ted Cruz on Sunday, February 21st, 2016 in an interview on "Meet the Press"

Ted Cruz stated in an interview with Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” on Feb. 21, 2016 that Donald Trump is no match with Hillary Clinton. Trump isn’t the top pick for many Republican primary voters, in fact 70 percent of Republicans think that he isn’t the right guy. In order to understand this topic, you must comprehend both sides; who is fighting for what and how they are fighting for. Of these two, Hilary Clinton is very liberal when it comes to individual rights and domestic issues. If the majority of the Republican voters aren’t voting for Trump, then who are they voting for? It seems that Hillary knows what she’s talking about and makes great points while on the contrary, Donald Trump’s statements are rather ignorant.

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Hillary Clinton Poltifact

ISIS is "going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists."

Hillary Clinton on Saturday, December 19th, 2015 in the Dec. 19 Democratic presidential debate

During a Democratic presidential debate in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton took a shot at Donald Trump, saying that he is a rhetoric gift for ISIS. There has recently been a video released by an al Qaeda affiliate telling Muslims in America that the country has a long history of racism and discrimination and will turn on its Muslim community. In the wake of the San Bernardino, California, shootings last month, Trump said he wanted “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.” Last month, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claimed that Trump’s anti Muslim rhetoric was providing fodder for Islamist terror group ISIS to use in its propaganda. In order to understand this issue, we have to understand that we are not at war with terrorists and we aren’t at war with Islam. I think that in order to resolve the terrorist attacks with ISIS, the government needs to come to a negotiation. The group isn’t going to stop until someone puts their foot down and set down some ground rules.

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Proles in Today's Society

The Proles in 1984 are similar to youngsters in today's general public, particularly adolescents. Individuals in this general public are required to fit in with a specific standard. The administration needs us to work a nine to five movement, return home tend to our youngsters, go to rest, and rehash. "Substantial physical work, the consideration of home and kids, negligible fights with neighbors, movies, football, brew and, most importantly, betting topped off the skylines of their psyches." This is the sort of life we live in today, the consistent on-the-go plan.

The dominant part of this era of adolescents have grown up with various types of media, for example, TV, web, paper, and radio. A lot of this data comes so, stable bytes that are effortlessly absorbable, and don't require much thought with a specific end goal to acknowledge them. Additionally, there is the additional advantage of not being trashed by different associates, folks, companions, and so forth who oblige the "standard" substances painted by enterprise media. Added to the frenzied timetables that children confront today, the weight of satisfying the desires of being an impeccable individual and having a flawless life, well, one could without much of a stretch reason that its only less demanding to acknowledge the thought introduced to us on the surface of the media, for example, what one would see on the nightly news.

The media has displayed a false patriotism today, and offers trustworthiness to those individuals who swallow the "blue pill" and live in the grid. Those of us who gulped the "red pill" taxicab see through the purposeful publicity bolstered to us by the standard media. We can see the "framework" for what it is: an arrangement of control. Yet, by letting us know "War is Peace" and "Affection is Hate" we have been molded to trust that being a nationalist is somebody who gives the administration a chance to take our common freedoms away for the sake of the benefit of everyone. Along these lines, to be a loyalist in our nation under the definition set by George Bush and organization, is to be somebody that does not scrutinize the legislature. It is to be somebody who gives the administration a chance to do whatever they need request to keep us safe. It's anything but difficult to permit ourselves to trust that we are nationalists basically by doing nothing. In any case, in Democracy, it obliges work to keep it free. Genuine patriotism requires exertion, fortitude, altruism, confidence, and at last, somebody who can think for themselves and choose what is correct or off-base.

In any case, again, the thought of the Proles is they are not one "age bunch", they are one "class", the lower class working man, the person who plays the lotto, watches the games diversions, and only every once in a long while peruses more than the games page to see who is in the play offs. The race battle is minimal more than a steed race, and the most that we are appeared in the media is "who is ahead in the surveys on what point". Taking everything into account, there aren't a great deal of young people why should capable think for themselves or structure their own feelings, particularly when pop culture and the ever exhibit media is managing how one should act, revolt, live, and die.

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So You Say You Want a Revolution...

Subjection first started in the North American mainland because of the area being tremendous and there was a lack of work. Men and women were expected to work the area. White bond workers, paying their section over the sea from Europe through contracted work, facilitated but yet did not the take care of the issue. In the seventeenth century, a Dutch boat stacked with African American slaves acquainted an answer with the New World. Slaves were most temperate on extensive homesteads where work escalated money products, for example, tobacco, could be developed. Due to American ranches being far smaller than those, different parts of the Western Hemisphere and in light of the fact that in the United States, not at all like different regions, slave uprisings were smaller and less successive than in Brazil and the West Indies. By the by, one researcher, Herbert Aptheker, has tallied more than two hundred plots, scheme and real uprisings between the mid seventeenth century and the Civil War.

There were three noteworthy slave plots that occurred in the nineteenth century. The biggest slave revolt ever organized in the thirteen states was the Stono Rebellion. On Sunday, Sept,1739 in South Carolina, a day of free work, around twenty slaves under the authority of a man named Jemmy gave whites an agonizing lesson on the African craving for freedom. A considerably large amount of the individuals from the gathering were troopers either from the Yamese War or from their involvement in their homes in Angola, where they were caught and sold, and had been prepared in the utilization of weapons. Numerous slaves realized that little gatherings of runaways had advanced from South Carolina to Florida, where they had been given flexibility and area.

The vastness of this defiance was monstrous, the fact that there had been various littler rebellions before this. The disobedience was the begin of an account in South Carolina to legitimize the terrifying arrangement of the suppression. The Assembly ordered another law requiring a proportion of one white for each ten blacks on any estate and passed the Negro Act of 1740 which precluded overpowered individuals from developing their own particular nourishment, collecting in gatherings, gaining cash they, instead of their proprietors, could hold or figuring out how to peruse.

The slaves included in the insubordination realized that there was a decrease in government viability brought on by a plague in the locale, talk of a war between the British and Spanish, records of slaves who had acquired their flexibility by getting away to Spanish controlled Florida, and the Security Act of 1739, as of late went by the South Carolina Commons House of Assembly, and which required every white male to convey arms on Sundays in view of suspicious of a fast approaching slave uprising. Due to this defiance, the South Carolina assembly passed the new Black Codes of 1740. These cruel laws would frame the premise of race relations in South Carolina until after the American Civil War. No more would slaves be permitted to develop their own nourishment, gather in gatherings, procure their own particular cash, or figure out how to peruse. Some of these limitations had been as a result before the new Act, however had not been entirely authorized.

In connection to 1984, the slaves were under hard control and compelled to experience their lives in trepidation. They were given rules that they needed to abide by and were executed or given cruel punishments if they went against the rules; similar to the citizens in Oceania. In the end, they had enough and rebelled against the whites, which is the what I predict will happen in the end of 1984.

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Language Arts featuring Senior Year

Looking back at my very first smore entry, I didn’t have much knowledge about media and how it affects todays society. As we progressed on in the class and my understanding for media increased, my thoughts broadened. I am now able to give examples about how media influences generation after generation. I later learned that with knowledge comes rigorous research and maybe a little highlighting never hurt anyone. Taking a literature class in college is no longer a burden because I was well prepared. I’ve now become comfortable and confident writing essays and providing reliable information because I have the sources to back it up.

Literature taught me many things, such as getting projects or papers done a week before they’re due. With my busy schedule, I have learned to prioritize especially because in college the pace of everything only increases; the classes become harder, work load becomes ten times heavier, and professors will not remind you when your assignments are due. In a way this year’s Language Arts class has prepared me to take a confident step into college. The major difference between this year’s Language Arts class and the prior years were the involvement and the amount of class discussions and projects assigned. Personally, I’m not a very good test taker, so the projects were an easier grade that still required much thinking and effort. The various summative grades were never overwhelming nor uninteresting, which made it a lot of fun to do. I enjoyed the discussions due to the different personalities and opinions in our class, a few times people disagreed on a topic and we ended up talking about it the whole class period. The only thing that I would change to make the class that much more enjoyable would be the seminars that we started at the beginning of the semester. We only did two seminars and they ended up being a huge class discussion with great points and interesting questions. By far this was one of my favorite Language Arts classes.

"Can We Auto-Correct Humanity"

Throughout the years, technology is continuously advancing; every time we blink it seems like there is a new gadget being invented. I hear my mom complain all the time that I never spend enough time talking to her because my head is almost always in my phone. Today’s society has become consumed by spending endless hours texting, tweeting, instgraming, or snap chatting. I can admit that I have become a victim of this addiction called social media. I’ve discovered that there are seven easy ways to cure this addiction.

First, make deliberate choices about time. If there is an email that you absolutely have to reply to, only reply to that email and don’t go off in social media paradise and begin liking pictures or tweeting about what you had for lunch. Second, box out time to put technology away; meaning plan for specific times that you wont be engaging in technology. Third, the most precious thing you can give someone in your presence. Engage in more face to face conversation instead of sub tweeting someone. Fourth, be mindful of your reasons for connecting to technology. Self-awareness is an important step. If you realize why you’re turning technology in times when connection or learning new information isn’t critical, you’ve made the first step to reconnecting with yourself. Fifth, get the most important things done and let go of the rest. Instead of assuming you have an endless lists of things to do, be clear about what’s important to you and what you can leave undone. Sixth, make minimal commitments you yourself for a clear mental space. Something as simple as opening a magazine or a newspaper every Tuesday and Friday and never change that routine. Seventh, track your day’s presence in battery life. If you can get through the day with some life left, though, you’ve probably lived the day mindfully. With these small steps, social media addiction is controllable.

I have to incorporate these steps into my life. There are times in my day, where social media isn’t needed, such as dinner time. I find myself checking my phone and disregarding my family at the same time. Finding that correct balance of technology and having time to have face to face discussions will play a major part in overcoming the addiction.