Chlorine, CL, 17, 35.453

15 cents for 100 grams


Chlorine is a a element that is mainly used in cleaning products.
Boiling point: -34.04 C
Melting Point: -101.5 C
Origin of name: Sir Humphry Davy regonized it as an element and named it himself
Discovered by: Carl Scheele but Sir Humphry Davy got the most credit out of it.
  • Only Florine is lighter than chlorine
  • Took 200 years from its discovery for it to be recolonized as a element
  • 21st most common element
  • Chlorine is capable of joining with practically every element
  • Chlorine has two stable isotopes, CL-35 and CL-37
  • Chlorine in its pure form is yellowish-green
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