Man vs Wild Project

I will share my journey through a biome's worst elements.

BREAKING NEWS: Lost Smithsonian Tour Guides!

A simple miscalculation for their pre-tour...somehow it was booked during the "off season". The plane crashed and stranded the tour guides separately in this biome's worst part of the year. No one knows where they, but search and rescue units are working hard to find them, as time is critical. In order to survive this biome's elements they will have to use skill and previous biome knowledge to make it out alive!

Snap That!

Please use your ipad to snap a full length Selfie of you today. This photo is what you are wearing for your adventure.



Survival Ecosystem Project

1. Map of "last seen" location. *Drop Location

2. Climatogram and 5 day forecast.

3. Last Selfie

5. Itemized list and mass of gear - not to exceed 25kg.

6. Five day survival journal.

7. A demonstration of your survival.

A twist and turn for the worst...

This project is started after you complete the "Around the World in 8 Biomes" project/smore flyer.