All About Syria

By: Brinkley Bowman


Name: Syria


Flag meaning: Red means struggle in war for freedom, green stars represent Syria and Egypt from the United Arab Republic, white represents peaceful future, and black represents oppression.


Syria is located on the continent of Asia and is surrounded by Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Major landforms in Syria are Anti-Lebanon and Bishri mountains. The highest point is Mt. Hermon at 9,232 ft. There is also Lake al-Asad and the Euphrates river. Major landmarks are Ummayad Mosque in Damascus, Roman Ruins in Palmyra, and Crac des Chevaliers. Major bodies of water are man made Lake al-Asad, made from the Euphrates dam. The geography effects the citizens with water droughts leading to crop failures and people moving to cities.


Syria has a Republic Authoritarian government type. Bashar al-Assad is president of Syria. The leaders are chose by a presidential election. The rights, roles, and responsibilities of citizens in Syria are follow the law and constitution, respect others, and protected by the law.
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Their GDP is $40.4 billion. They use Syrian pounds as their currency. Main exports are crude oil, refined products, raw cotton, fruits, and cereal grains. Main imports are raw material essential for industry, agriculture, equipment, and machinery. Literacy rate is 84.1, life expectancy is 75.14 years, and birth rate is 22.76/ a thousand people. Most of the drinking water in Syria is from ground water, wells, and springs.


Syria's religion is Sunni Muslims. Arabic is the official language of Syria. Syria's major holidays are New Years, Revolution, Gregorian Easter, Julian Easter, and Labor Day. A popular dish in Syria is called Kibbeh bil sanieh, it contains olive oil, minced lamb, onions, baharat, salt, black pepper, butter, pine nuts, burghul, olive oil, salt, pepper, minced lamb, baharat, and onions. Football, basketball, swimming, and tennis are some entertainment in Syria.


The average yearly temperature is 31°C in summer and 7°C in the winter. The average yearly rainfall is 20-55mm in winter months. General weather conditions are hot, sunny, dry in the summer, cold spells in winter, and rainy rest of the year. Effects climate has on Syria's availability of resources are drought and wasteful water use.


Pompey the Great captured Antioch turning it to a Roman province. This added to their cultural diversity later on. A revolt happened in 1925 to the French mandate and in 1946 officially became independent instead of under someone else's rule.


Syria's government is Authuoritan and Republic but the US has a federal republic democratic government. This is one difference. Another difference is the US has three types of government and Syria has two types. Some similarities are they both have republic government and they both have a known government. Syria has mostly Sunni Muslims but US has mostly Christians. Another difference is Us has lots of religions due to immigration and Syria does not have as many. Some similarities are they both celebrate the new year and play football.