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Keeping the Crew up to Date! Volume 2 Issue 19 - 1/22/23

Greetings Clipper Nation!

Just in case you missed it, Ms. Olinde is the JMB's Teacher of the Year and semifinalist for the Wicomico County Teacher of the Year. We are so proud and excited for her.
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I want to say again how much I appreciated the communication and collaboration of staff and students on Friday. I felt proud of the Clipper Nation. The teamwork allowed us to remain on a normal status and have an excellent end to our week. We will be collaborating with the other high schools to learn more about the incident to help develop strategies and plans if the same type of event were to happen to us this year. Keeping our students and staff safe is our top priority at James M. Bennett.

In reviewing grades last week as we prepare for the end of semester one, I am concerned that many students may not be putting their best effort forward. In a quick review, I saw many students who were not passing or had lower than usual grades. If you have not yet connected with your student about grades, have them pull up their grades and show you how they are doing in each class. This will help them get in the habit of checking their grades and provide an excellent opportunity for discussion about grades and future plans.

We are nearing the halfway point of the school year, so we will have a big transition on January 31st as students change to their semester two classes. Though it can mean a fresh start, it can also be stressful and often feels like the first day of school all over again for staff and students. Just as you encouraged your student on those first few days of school in September, be prepared to use that same encouragement at the start of Semester 2.

Principal Savage

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Attendance Reminders

  • Student who have travel in the morning need to sing in in the front office before entering building so they are not marked absent.
  • As we are nearing the end of the 2nd term, please check attendance. If students have 5 more unexcused absences, they will have to take part in attendance recovery to earn back grades.
  • When you know your student will be late for school, please send them with a note so we can work to excuse their lateness.

Guidance Reminders

  • NEW Information - Cosmetology and Nursing Assistant program interest meetings will be held on Feb. 7th during FLEX in the cafeteria. Current 9th grade students interested in the Cosmetology program and current 11th graders interested in the Nursing Assistant program should sign up in the guidance office or email Mr. Serig at

  • Check/monitor grades as we approach the end of the semester.
  • Evening High School paperwork is being sent home to students at risk of failing classes required for graduation.
  • Scholarship day is 1-26.
  • ASVAB scheduled for March 10th, students can take the test multiple times if the would like to try to improve their score.

Weekly Bulletin

Monday, January 23rd

Pohanka Automotive Training Center interest Meeting (CLGA) FLEX
STEP UP after school program 3-4:30pm
Mock Trial (G220) 3-5pm
Wrestling -WiHi vs. Colonel Richardson (Home) 4pm
Wrestling vs Colonel Richardson (Home) 5pm
Girls V Basketball vs. Crisfield (Away) 5pm
Five Guys Fundraiser for Class of 2023 4-9pm
Class of 2025 Parent Meeting (CLGA) 6pm

Tuesday, January 24th

Mock Trial Competition vs. Stephen Decatur 2:30-5:30
STEP UP after school program 3-4:30pm
Band Tutoring (A146) 3-4pm
Step Team practice 3-5pm
Cheer Practice (CLGA) 3:30-5:30pm
Softball Strength & Conditioning 3-4:30pm *Must have physical and FormReLeaf
Unified Strength & Conditioning Districts (Home) 3:45pm

Wednesday, January 25th

Junior Class Meeting (CLGA) FLEX
STEP UP after school program 3-4:30pm
Asian Culture Club (E217) 3pm
Step team (CLGA) 3-5pm
Art Club (A120) 2:45 – 4:15pm
GSA (A109) 3-4pm
Band Tutoring (A146) 3-4pm
Indoor Track @ Worcester County Rec 2pm dismiss 12:30pm
Girls and Boys JV Basketball vs. Parkside (Away) 4:30 & 6pm

Thursday, January 26th

Scholarship Day (Media) 8:30am – 1:30pm
STEP UP after school program 3-4:30pm
Black Excellence Culture Club (Media) 3-4pm
SMART Team Meeting (G103) 3pm
Step team (CLGA) 3-5pm
ACE Mentor Program (A141) 3:30pm
Cheer Practice (CLGA) 3-5:30pm
Band Tutoring (A146) 3-4pm
Softball Strength & Conditioning 3-4:30pm *Must have physical and FormReLeaf
Girls and Boys V Basketball vs Parkside (Home) 4:30 & 6pm

Friday, January 27th

End Term 2
Casual Day – Wicomico Humane Society
Mu Alpha Theta applications due (Applications in GC)
Field Trip - Chorus (select students to WiMiddle) All Day
Wrestling vs Parkside & WiHi (Home) 5pm

Saturday, January 28th

All-Shore Band Auditions@ BMS 9am -2pm

Upcoming Dates to Keep in Mind

January 27th - End of 2nd Term

January 30th - Professional Development - No School for Students

January 31st -Auditions for the all-county musical
February 3rd -Report Cards published

Principal Advisories

The parent advisory sessions happen each quarter, and parents share with me concerns, ask questions and celebrate the good. Please let me know if you are interested in serving on the Parent Advisory in the future.

I want to start a community advisor allowing JMB to collaborate with local community groups and businesses. If you lead a local group or are a business leader and would be interested in meeting with me, please let me know.

Special Reminders

Tutoring Schedule

Math - Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 3-4pm in E116

English – Wednesdays 3-4pm E224

Guidance Support – Thursdays 3-4pm in the guidance office

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Class of 2023

Contact Info

Ms. Cassidy Feeney and Mrs. Julie Giordano are no longer at JMB. However, they plan to continue helping with all things senior related.

Our in school contact if you need anything senior related is Mrs. Jeni Feeney

Cap & Gown Orders

Seniors - Don’t forget to order your Cap and Gown.
Price was $49.95 + tax but has now increased.

*There are catalogs and order forms in the office or you can use or

Check out the link for current scholarships!

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Class of 2024

  • Rock and Roll Revival is quickly approaching.
    • We need donations for candy, baked goods, sodas and hotdogs for the concession stand for purchase. Please see the donation sign-up genius to see what is needed. We will do our best to update as things are dropped off. The more items that are donated by parents, grandparents, friends etc. the more money the class can raise. This is the only big fundraiser that your student will have to cover the majority of the cost for senior year activities.
    • Volunteers: We need 20ish volunteers for each show of rock and roll. This includes both parents and students. Volunteers will be assigned to stations upon arrival and stations include: 50/50, grams, concession stand, candy/baked goods. Volunteers can sign-up here! (We cannot give service hours to juniors, but we can to every other grade level)
    • The donation letter was attached to email sent earlier. If you know of a business that would sponsor something such as candy, soda etc. or give a monetary gift to allow us to go and buy than please approach them or let us know and we will reach out. Donors are recognized by a poster that is hung outside of the concession stand.
  • Jr/Sr Banquet: May 12,2023 6:30 to 8:30
    • We are in search of a cater – If you know of someone, please let us know their information and one of us will reach out.
    • We will need decorations to decorate the cafeteria. The theme is red carpet.
    • We will need volunteers to help decorate. Set-up will be around 3pm.
  • Other fundraisers
    • Please let us know if you have ideas of other fundraisers. This can include restaurants, ticket sales etc.
  • Next parent meetings:
    • February 1, 2023 – 6PM in the media Center
    • March 13, 2023 - 6PM in the cafeteria
    • April 12, 2023 - 6PM in the cafeteria
    • May 2, 2023 - 6PM in the cafeteria

Finally, PLEASE spread the word about the help that we need. We cannot do this without parent and student support. We do have a parent contact form ( so that we can easily contact you as well. If you could please complete it, it makes emailing, texting etc. much easier on Mrs. Schuchart and I.

You can also find quick updates on the 2024 Facebook page( and 2024 Instagram page(

Contact information for advisors: Sarah Webster

Ann Schuchart:

Class of 2025

Monday night January 23rd, 2023, at 6pm is the next parent meeting to discuss the upcoming spaghetti dinner. We are looking for parent volunteers for this event as we are trying to raise money for the class to help raise funds that will allow our students to have a memorable senior year, on average senior year activities cost around $20,000. Our spaghetti dinner is being held March 10 from 5:30 to 8 and is the only big fundraiser that the sophomores participate in for their class. For the spaghetti dinner, we are looking for parents to help with Decorations, food donations and donation of auction items. We need all the support from you and your child that we can get to make this fundraiser a success. If you would like to help with any of this, please fill out the google form and we will be in contact with you. The form can be found here

We will continue to update you through weekly phone calls and the JMB Class of 2025 Facebook page.

Class of 2026

Class Advisors

Trisha Pippen - (

Kathy Klaverweiden - (

How to Stay in the Know?

The best way to stay in the know is to make sure we have accurate information on file. Please look over all the information on the Student Personal Data and Enrollment Information Form as this is the information we currently have on file for you. Make any corrections to the form in blue. If you need additional space for emergency contact use a separate sheet of paper. Sign the back of the form and return it to the school. If you prefer to fill out a new form you can find a copy on our website.

Other ways to stay connected:



Guidance Facebook:

JMB Sports Facebook:



Instagram: (future)

School # 410-677-5141

WBOCE-Bulletin Board

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