Photography in The Civil War.

Created by ~ Mariah Paredes

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Why was it created?

As many people go through the civil war, many loved ones including Men, and son's were off fighting in the war. The president - Abraham Lincoln wanted the public to know what was going on out there in the war. So then there came photography. One of the first and the best photographers in the war was named Mathew Brady was an excillent photographer in his making during the civil war that brought photography to a whole new level.

Cameras In The Civil War

Back in the civil war times the cameras were not as simple as they are today. There were glass plains and and they were very difficult to carry around. When taking a photo you have to be delicate and very careful. It took a very long time to take one simple photo.

One of The Best Photographers.

Mathew Brady was a very talented man who had made photography an art in many ways. May 18, 1822 – January 15, 1896) was one of the first American photographers, best known for his scenes of the Civil War. Mathew was one of the youngest out of three. His parents were Andrew and Samantha Julia. He had studied under the inventor Samuel F.B Morse. Many citizens know his work mainly because of the Civil War photos he had took that had changed the photography world as we knew it.
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My Opinion on Photography.

Photography is an art and many people express it in a way others can't explain and to me Mathew Brady did his work in showing the emotion and feeling in the photos he took as well as the truth in them too. Mathew Brady has followed some big steps in the photography world and I have to give him some credit he can pull of a phenomenal performance when coming down to photography. it means so much and gives me so much hope to actually be able to say there were people like him to be in this world and show us his way of photography.

''In a way photography is a better way of telling a story, in the eyes of others they much rather see what the photographer see's as well."

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