Since You've Been Gone

Morgan Matson realistic fiction presented by Sophia Aiello

Go with the flow

Go with the flow; if you do you will find that you will be much happier and you will have a fuller life with not as much stress. In my book "Since You've Been Gone" the main character named Emily's best friend goes missing on their supposed to be magical summer. Emily is worried and really bummed because Sloan her best friend is like the other half of her. Emily is usually shy and doesn't know what to without Sloan by her side when she's with Sloan she feels braver to talk to strangers and her confidence rises. At first Emily doesn't know what to do without her best friend, but once she realizes that Sloane isn't coming back for the summer she goes with the flow and decides to calm down. She finds new friends along the way and her summer turns out much better than she was expecting.

"It's harder when you're the one left behind." Emily is left behind by her best friend Sloan. This is very hard for Emily but if she goes with the flow and finds her own fun this will be easier for her and she will have a more fun summer and be more open to make new friends

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