Basic Consumer Rights

By: Olivia and Gabby

Right to Choose

All consumers have a right to choose from manufacturing. Everyone has a right to choose from different choices. The Right to choose is very important because it's your choice, the company can't force you to buy the product if you don't want to buy the brand new one or the old rickety product, its your right to choose. An example of this is having options like what kind of brand of creal you want.

Right to Safety

This right is aimed at the safety of the consumer. If the consumer is injured because of products then the product may be recalled if it happens more accidents then it should. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) established performance standards and force product recalls when necessary. An example of this is the cars from GM being recalled for safety issues.

Right to be Heard

The right to be heard is also important because if the consumer isn't happy with what they got, the buyer has the right to complain or talk to the business about it. The right to be heard is important because if you get injured or somethings wrong with the product then you have the right to complain about it. An example of this is when your bill is to high or if you got charged for something you didn't get then you can ask about it.

Right to be Imformed

Right to be Imformed is important because they need to know if the product is good or if it has any problems that could cause injures or death. The buyer must be informed with honest information. An example of this is when you get food and it has ingredients on the side of it or on the bag/box.

Right to Consumer Education

Consumer Education is when the consumer has the right to aqcuire knowledge and skills needed to make good choices about services. They will still be aware of basic consumer respoiblities and how to act on them.

Right to Service

Right to service is when the consumer has access to basic goods and services such as, food, clothing, shelter, health care, public utilities, water, and sanitation. Also to live and work in an environment that is non-threatening. An example of this is having running water in your home.