Terror Washed Away

The Destruction of a Tsunami

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A tsunami can cause a lot of damage, it can be very devastating. But sometimes I wonder,

" How do tsunamis form? Why do they form?". So today I am going to answer questions about tsunamis. Tsunamis actually bring many deaths. They can kill up to 200,000 people! A tsunami is a tall wave caused by another disturbance .

What is the difference between floods and tsunamis?

A tsunami is an overflow of water due to another natural disaster. A flood is an overflow of water on dry land. They are alike because they both have to do with water overflowing. A tsunami can be caused by an earthquake and a flood is caused by dry land.

How do Tsunamis form?

Tsunamis can form because of earthquakes or another natural disaster. Tsunamis can also be formed by subduction . Subduction is when plates crash together and is like the Earths outer layer and crust. It is very interesting! A tsunami can be caused by a displacement of water.

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Did You Know?

A tsunami can cost up to $309 billion dollars. It can kill up to 200,000 people! It can even go 500 miles per hour. A tsunami can go up to 100 feet tall. A tsunami means two words in Japanese and tsu means harbor, nami means wave. Together it means harbor wave. About two tsunamis happen each year. A tsunami can leave people very homeless. They can cause a lot of damage. Tsunamis are referred to as tidal waves even though they have nothing to do with tides.

What tsunamis do?

Tsunamis cause a lot of damage, deaths, and money issues. When waves approach land or shallow water, they start to build, pile up, and grow on each other. That is why they are so huge! Tsunamis can kill lots and lots of people. Tsunamis can ruin jobs, homes, and other personal things. After a horrible tsunami people have extreme money issues because of damage.

That Is Wrap!

So far, I have concluded that tsunamis are extremely dangerous. If a tsunami is possible where you live, pay attention to warnings and signs. It would be better to go to higher ground if needed. Knowing these facts can really help if a tsunami occurred.

Horrible Damage!

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