Primary Meeting September 16th

Location: The Book Room

News From Your Primary Leaders

Hello primary team! We are so excited to be your primary division leaders this year and we are looking forward to helping facilitate the primary division meetings. As discussed, the primary division meetings will take place the third Monday every month immediately after school at 2:45 pm. The location may change but possible locations include the library, conference room, staff room, or classroom, depending on availability. A week prior to the meeting, you will receive a smore like this one that outlines the agenda as well as give information in regards to location and anything that might be important to bring. We are always open to suggestions so please feel free to speak to or email either of us with your fabulous ideas or questions.

Thank you for your collaboration!

Linda Cabral and Andrea Tout

Primary Meeting Agenda

  1. "Putting it all on the Table", Primary Division Meeting Norms
  2. School News and Information - Book Room Update - Dorothy Schmauder
  3. Think Tank - Primary Initiatives
  4. Sharing Time - Open House Ideas
  5. How Do You Think Case Management Should Work During Meetings
  6. Tech Talk (Stay for help starting your own website or smore flyer)

Please bring any ideas you have for open house that you would like to share and a laptop if you are staying for Tech Talk. If you are bringing anything to share that is hard copy, please bring a copy that we can keep in a binder for primary division use.

"I'm a Teacher": A Motivational (and catchy) Song

I'm a Teacher: An Educator's Anthem