Finish Summer Strong

and pave the way for a successful fall

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Where did Summer Go?!

The countdown is on (for me at least) until the first day of school. Not so much so the kids are gone but so I can get myself back on a schedule. I don't know about you, but I work much more efficiently when my day is plotted out and I know I have a certain amount of time to get things accomplished. Jessica always says "if your goal doesn't scare you it's not big enough," well I have a goal to put a schedule together and stick to it this fall, to organize my office so it is a calm place when I enter it (now the piles of stuff stress me out), to earn my Star Heart of Leadership Bracelet (4 consecutive months of hitting star which means a team $8000 GCV each month) and to help all of you achieve your goals with Stella & Dot.

There, I did it, I put my goal out there and that is half the battle. Please share your goals with me and post them on our Facebook Page (you all wanted a place to share ideas and cheer each other on, now let's use it). I am here to help you every step of the way! Need help coming up with goals or being held accountable, please let me know.

One of the theme songs from Hoopla "Anything Can Happen" and if you put a goal out there, make a plan and work that plan you can Make it Happen!

XO- Barb

Rock the Summer Challenge

A huge shout out to Meg, Kelly and me too for rockin' the first 2 weeks of the challenge and earning the earrings. Didn't hit Level 1, no worries! You have plenty of time to earn Level 2 and beyond. Again, share your goal- let your family, friends and customers know you are working for something and would love their help achieving it. What do they get in return? An additional $50 in Style Rewards for a $500 show in August... who doesn't love extra FREE jewelry/accessories?!

If you haven't joined the facebook group I encourage you to! Great inspiration and idea sharing from stylists all across the country

Need a Show for August...HOST YOUR OWN :)

Remember, you get 2 shows per calendar year where you serve as hostess and stylist and basically "double dip" and get the style rewards to add to your collection and the commissions to treat yourself to something special. Host a Back to School with Bling or an End of Summer Soiree. With the new line having launched, this is the perfect time to invite everyone you know over and share the style. Already have done 1 of your own shows and saving the other for holiday, no problem- do a Mystery Hostess and raffle off the rewards. What are you waiting for, grab your calendar and pick a date in the next 3 weeks!

Tell everyone who comes to bring a friend that you do not know and tell them if they do you will cover their shipping. Not only does this boost your sales but it broadens your Who Do You Know List of potential hostesses going into Fall/Holiday.

Don't tell...I have a girlfriend and her name is Dottie!

If you have an iPad and haven't ordered Dottie, stop reading this and go order her! I LOVE being able to enter my orders at my show and not have to worry about entering them when I get home or worse, mixing up a credit card number. She is a huge time saver!

Don't have an iPad....did you see you can now order one thru S&D on a payment plan?! What an amazing opportunity and remember, it is a business expense so it is a tax deduction!

Always here to assist you with your Business!

Barb Fogel, Star Stylist