Democratic republic of Ethiopia


Ethiopia's population is 67.9 million and is growing about 1.89% a year.the Amhara ethnic group accounts for about 30% of Ethiopia's population.the tigreans in the north account for about 12% of the population.various other ethnic groups account for the rest or the population.
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customs and courtesies

Ethiopian relatives often kiss each other on the cheek as a people the meet they shake greet elderly people you bowing or lowering your head.elderly greet children by kissing them on the forehead.
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big families are strongly particular throughout ethiopia.sons bring thair brides to live with or near their famlies.ethiopia is a young country only 3% of ethiopia is older than 65.three or more genarations of male live under one roof.age is highly respected in ethiopia and adult childeren care for thair elders.
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nearly all ethiopians are substance farmers with little or no access to persue goals beyond feeding and clothing thair families.oly 12% of the land is arable.rural welth is often measeured by the size of a persons is the main cash crop in ethiopia.
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