scientists who discovered ATOMS

by: Daniel Hughes and ATOMS!!!!!!!!!


  • Dalton believed that all substance were made of mater
  • he believed that atoms had the same mass
  • he was a science teacher


  • Aristotle believed that all substance were made of matter.
  • Aristotle loved to do many experiments
  • He wrote many science books
  • He was born in 384 Bc in Stagira Greece
  • He lived and worked in Greece for almost all of his life
  • Aristotle studied a very wide variety of sciences


  • he believed that atoms were little grans
  • he believed that there was no limit to how a gran is
  • he was know as a scientists


  • bohr published his model of a atom in1913
  • bohr thought that electrons were concentric sphers
  • he was a scientists


  • his job was a orginizar
  • his example was a messy closet
  • he was a scientists