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March 21 - 25, 2016

"Under The Surface" - Empathy Film
Ways to Nurture Empathy in Kids

What has your child done or seen that would stretch — or shrink — his or her empathy growth?

from the Mayor-

SPS Summer Academy

The Blended Learning, Curriculum, and Professional Learning departments are teaming up to offer learning opportunities throughout the summer. A June and July Summer Academy will be held to offer training around PBL, adaptive software, tech integration, and more! Many sessions will be offered again at SPS Now in August. Staff will receive an email in April with registration information. Stay tuned!

I attended the MAESP conference and picked up this neat feedback protocol during the “Lead Like a Pirate” session. The protocol is to be used after a classroom observation:

A – Appreciation. Tell the teacher what you appreciated seeing during the lesson.

N – Notice the Impact. Share with the teacher how his/her behaviors impacted student achievement, engagement, or contributed to positive classroom interactions/environment.

C – Collaborative Conversation or Captain-Directed Conversation. Depending on what you saw, this is either a shared discussion or a direct conversation.

H – Honor Choice and Voice. Allow the teacher to have say into next steps before the next classroom observation.

O – Offer Support. Support typically comes in the form of time, people, money, or additional resources.

R – Reflect. Reflect with the teacher about how to improve the lesson or next steps in his/her professional growth. Additionally, you will reflect on how this ANCHOR conversation went including, if needed, documenting the conversation.

From Jim Farrell, Director of School Police

Springfield School Police Department is requesting that all sites ask for an officer to be at all building drills. Our ability to attend every drill may be controlled by higher priority calls for service. However, we will attend all drills we are able to. Our reason for this is simple. In the event of an actual incident, School Police WILL be at the site. By attending as many drills as possible, it will allow us to have practice working these events with school staff and administration. Our goal is to make working with staff and administrators during an incident as seamless as possible.

Four Ideas for Boosting Teacher Morale

Please read if you are interested in things that schools do in creating a caring culture for faculty-

from J-

I been reading over some of my notes/take-aways for MAESP conference. There were some great sessions that combined a healthy mix of new learning and reminders of good stuff. I was particularly moved by Manny Scott (from Freedom Writers), and wish to share of few of his statements. They lose some of their impact out of context; and still they are of great value as stand alone statements.

"Trust in someone else's belief in you until you believe it, too"

"You will never reach anyone if you vilify what is important to them"

"Poverty is not lack of money. Poverty is the lack of access to people who can support and help you"

"On your worst day, you can still be someone's best hope"

To review so much more learning, checkout #maesp16 on twitter.

If you are an Explore site this summer, please have the discussion with your secretary to avoid scheduling/allowing outside groups, even partner groups such as SPARC, to utilize your school gym this summer.They will need to find other places. You will need the space for your summer learning activities.

I'm looking forward to visiting Weller, Truman, Boyd & Campbell this week. I am also hoping that non-economic collective bargaining will be complete this next week, so I can return full focus to sites and supporting you. Please don't hesitate to contact me for support.

I'm a Stephen Colbert fan. Besides his humor skillset, he is a huge supporter of education, and is pushing the Donor Choose opportunities. In fact, a number of celebs have come behind this, labeled under #BestSchoolDay, and over 200 projects in Missouri were funded, including some from SPS. Check out the related video below, and have a fantastic week!

Stephen Visits His Favorite Teacher