New York

If you can make it here, you'll make it anywhere

Which New is which?

Was it New Netherlands or New Amsterdam? Which ever it was, it is no more for it was renamed New York after the Duke of York once the English arrived. Before then it was a Dutch colony established on Manhattan Island in 1624 where the Dutch lived undisturbed until 1644 when the English migrated and ignored the settled Dutch claiming the area as their own.

A Settler's Note

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how many English had arrived. We Dutch had been here for nearly twenty years! The English then came and took parts of land and claimed it for themselves. It wasn't all bad I must admit. With them, new items for trade were brought. I especially liked the apples but I did not like how the governors used custom duties to raise revenue from our hardworking Dutch hands then sent a tithe back to James! It turned out alright though, because when we'd about had enough in 1683, James allowed New York to have an elective assembly made up of both English and Dutch men. The new governors confirmed our landholdings, even the massive estates along the Hudson and were promised two million more acres in which we built manors that housed many Dutch families. My husband and I own one of these manors now and am thankful for the profits it has brought us. It was nice to not be shoved aside and we lived alongside each other practicing our culture and own religion just as the English practiced theirs. The elective assembly tried their best to make a wonderful settlement for us by attempting to pass a "Charter of Libertyes and Priviledges" but the King refused to approve it and that caused some problems between the Dutch and the English but we continue on, hoping for a secure self-government to be agreed upon.