The Leaky Family

Physical Anthropology

Who were the Leaky Family?

- Paleoanthropologists which contributed to the knowledge about humanity's early ancestors

- Consists of Louis Leaky (husband), Mary Leaky (wife), Philip Leaky (son), Richard Leaky (son) and Colin Leaky (son)

- The family published many books such as, White African: An Early Autobiography, Mau Mau and Kikuyu and more

- The family as a whole, made several contributions to the the feild of physical anthropology

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Contributions to the Human Evolution

- Found important fossils and Stone Age tools

- Found a 20 million year old which he named, Proconsul Africanus (it is considered to very valuable for as a model of early human ancestors)

- Found deposits which also contained stone tools with his wife, Mary Leaky