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From the desk of Dr. McDaniel

November is a time for GIVING THANKS!! I am THANKFUL to be a part of the SUNSET community of learners!!! We are continuing our FOCUS on LEARNING throughout this month with many activities for you and your children to be involved!

The most exciting event this month is our fundraiser! We are in desperate need to replace the spinning tree that was removed from our playground because wires were poking through the ropes. It was a staple on the playground and is missed by the students. Our students are sad that it is gone, but now we have an opportunity to raise enough money to replace it with another COOL piece of equipment! The Glow Run is going to be a lot of fun for the kids, but we will need a lot of donations! Send it out to your family members and let's get that equipment for our students! They deserve the BEST!

Continue to encourage reading, sight word practice and mastery of math facts at home!

Thank you, parents, for supporting us in educating your children! As always, you are their first teacher!

Sunset News

Freshtastix Cafe

November is here! What a wonderful time of year! The beautiful colors that surround us and the crisp, cool air outside makes this a great time to celebrate the amazing APPLE ! Harvest season is upon us! You can do so many things with APPLES! Whether you are eating an APPLE as a snack by itself, or enjoying it in a yummy, hot, APPLE pie, you are giving your body a nutritious benefit! APPLES can help protect your heart. They are high in fiber and may help improve cholesterol levels. They can even help stabilize blood pressure and help with fighting off diabetes risks. The old saying "An APPLE a day, keeps the doctor away" may indeed be a correct statement!

Please join us in the Freshtastix Cafe for our annual THANKSGIVING FEAST on Thursday, November 14th. Make sure you fill out and send in the RSVP invitation as soon as possible, to reserve your plates. QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED! See you soon!

Remember to always be thankful for all that you have and for the family and friends that hold you near and dear to their hearts !

If you are wanting to attend the Thanksgiving dinner but do not have a form to fill out you can email and she will add you to the list. This must be done BY FRIDAY, NOV. 1st. Emails AFTER FRIDAY, NOV. 1st will not be counted.

Early Birds




Early Birds is a FREE family-based, school readiness program just for parents. Designed to support you, as you become your child’s first and most influential teacher.

● FREE TOYS and materials that foster school readiness at home.

● FREE NOTEBOOK with helpful resources and tips to help your child learn and grow.

● 90 MINUTE INSTRUCTIONAL CLASS covering topics including child development, everyday learning opportunities, activities that promote school readiness, purposeful parenting techniques, work and life balance and health/safety.

● DISCUSSION WITH PARENTS about the successes and challenges of being their child’s first teacher.


Register Online at:

Veterans Day Assembly

We will be having a Veterans Day assembly on Nov 11th at 9:30AM in the cafeteria. We would like to invite you to attend this wonderful celebration of our nation's heroes. This assembly is to honor all of our Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and any other family member that has served our country. The 4th and 5th grade students will attend the assembly and the Sunset Honor Choir will perform. If you have a student in a lower grade and would like to have them attend the assembly you may have them called down from the office.

Spirit Night





2nd and Bryant in Edmond


Big picture


We will be doing a Glow Run/Fun Run as a fundraiser for new playground equipment. The photo above is the equipment we are wanting to purchase to replace the spinning tree that was removed for safety reasons. We need everyone to participate in order to reach our goal!

This year we will be having a Glow Run and for the first $20.00 you get entrance into the glow run and a glow band then for every additional $10.00 raised you earn a new piece of glow "jewelry". THE MORE YOU RAISE THE MORE YOU GLOW!!!!!

The PTO is hosting this event so that we can keep the majority of the funds raised at our school instead paying a company to run the event. That means we need lots of volunteers the day of the run. I have attached a sign up genius for parents to volunteer.


Bloxels is one of our stations we have been working on in the STEM Lab. Bloxels allows our students to design their own video game. Your child can create their own character, build their own levels, or design a new background to use in the game. This activity is one of many that we will get to work on during our time in the STEM Lab.

Computer Science

Our students are learning so many new skills in Computer Science!

In kindergarten, we will be learning how to program the computer to create art!

Our first and second graders will be learning how to simplify their coding by using Loops!

In third grade, we will begin designing a video game using computer coding!

Fourth grade will be learning about Conditionals and how they can help us reach our coding goals much easier!

Our fifth graders will be using Variables to write code!


In health this month, students will be learning the basics of first aid and safety. We will review how to bandage minor cuts, when to call 911, and simple gun safety. Students will practice their first aid safety knowledge within our interactive stations in the ABL lab.

In PE we will be beginning our net games unit. Students will learn various net games including volleyball, tennis, pickleball, and badmitton. Students will also be learning about the abdominal muscle group and how to recognize various major muscle groups in their body.

Library Adventures

Spy Week

Shhhh...the library is preparing for "Spy Week." If you accept this mission you will be finding clues hidden all over the library and helping your spy team to break into a locked box. Are you up to the task? This message will self-destruct in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5...

New Library Aides

In the mornings the library is filled with our new Student Library Aides. They are doing a wonderful job keeping our books organized and our shelves ready for checkout. They are learning about how the library is laid out as well as how books are classified.

Parent/Guardian Photos

For increased safety, we will start taking pictures of our parents, guardians and any person who is on the pickup or drop off list of a student. This is strictly for our student information system, Infinite Campus, and will not be shared outside of our school. We appreciate your cooperation in this project. You can stop by the office to get your picture taken anytime you are at the school!

Ice Cream and Rice Krispy Treat Sales

Friday, November 22nd

The cafeteria will be selling Ice Cream and Rice Krispy treats for a $1.00 on the last Friday of the Month. Students will need to bring their dollar with them to the lunch room and after everyone has been served they will then start selling the ice cream.


Parent Information Table

We now have a Parent Information Table in the foyer of the school. This is where we will place any information that does not go home with the students. There is already lots of resources and information out there so please stop by and take a look next time you are in the building.

About Us

Welcome to Sunset Elementary! School starts at 8:20 and ends at 3:15. Check our website for up-to-date information including our calendar of events. Be sure to opt-in for text messaging and make sure your email address is updated on Infinite Campus to receive school information.

November Dates to Remember

Nov 1st - Fall Carnival @ 6:00PM

Nov 1st - Glow Run Kick Off

Nov 5th - Early Birds @ 6:00PM

Nov 7th - Picture Retakes

Nov 8th - Dollar Days

Nov 11th - Veterans Day assembly @ 9:30AM

Nov 12th - Chick Fil A Spirit Night

Nov 15th - GLOW RUN DAY

Nov 22nd - Spirit Day, Pep Assembly, Ice Cream Sales

Nov 25th - Nov 29th - Thanksgiving Break NO SCHOOL