How AVID helped me


organization has helped in this semester. By being organized i have gotten better grades. Plus i can keep up with all my assignments.


AVID has helped me be more responsible. Passing my grades has been a big responsibility. AVID has not only taught me to be responsible in school but outside of school as well.

Cornell notes

Cornell notes is a way of taking neater notes in your classes. Cornell notes make it easier to study and take notes. It is very helpful in many ways especially when there is a test you need to study for.


Goals are very important to meet in AVID. You can set goals that you want to succeed in. when i set up my own goals it helps me get things done correctly.


TRF helps me with questions that i don't understand very well. instead of my teachers helping me my peers help me. When i help other people i feel like i can figure out my questions easily.

volunteer work

When you do volunteer work you feel like a good person. That's not all you can feel like a good person. You have to have good character and be nice.


Next semester i will continue benign responsible. Not only that but i will be better at what i do and that would be school. I will continue to the best i could possibly be by following the steps that AVID teaches me.