Room 14 news letter


Welcome 2016!

This month we have our community helpers theme. We are learning all about different helpers in the community including our fire fighters, mail man and women, teachers, and dentist. We had our wonderful Flossy the Rabbit join us for some fun teaching our young children about sugar bugs.

During play our class has been learning how to take turns during construction worker play, teacher role play, fire fighters and bakers. Our favorite book this month has been "Little Red's Riding Hood" by Peter Stein, where the tiny little red scooter became the big brave scooter who stood up to the big mean monster truck. During PE (gross motor) we have created obstacles courses, played musical chairs, and bean bag toss tic tac toe. We are continuing to work on our pre-writing skills in our fine motor center using our Handwriting without tears curriculum, and fine motor activities planned by our own school occupational therapist. We are strengthening our little fingers with fine motor toys including clothes pin grabbing, play-do, floam (looks like dipping dots ice-cream) and manipulative connector toys.

A bit early but we can never be to prepared, our littles ones are going to Kinder so we will be calling all of you to schedule Kindergarten tours if you would like, and in addition our Kinder teachers will be coming to the preschool for visits too! Collaboration is the key to successful transitions!

Reminder no school on Monday 1/18 for the MLK holiday. Have a wonderful three day weekend.

Ms, Nicole

Ms, Erin

Mr. Kevin

Ms, Jennifer

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