Dalton Anderson



My family are known as the Anderson's, we are from Northern Georiga. We've been called sweet Georiga peaches our whole life but we grew up in the south. My dad (Dave Anderson) taught me everything i know about cars and trucks, he has even got me started on my own toolbox. My mom (Tara Dupler) is from Ohio however, she has got me my first bike taught me how to write neater. My aunt (Bobbi Jo) has had my back since the day i was born, more of my family on my dads side has gotten me this far and my moms side helped.


I've been into diesel mechanics for awhile now and i'm hoping i can get into that school. Agriculture is some what in the line or my work, like fixing tractors or farming. Just something outdoors i've been doing for awhile I can get into.


I work in Logan Ohio on Bear Run Rd, I fix lawnmowers, dirt bikes, four wheelers any offroad vehicle. Not to long ago i was working for Bobby Dillion, he owns Perry Landscaping, I used to fix the mower that had a broken axel or a blown valve. Bobby gave me this job because my dad had been working for him. I told him i could be a extra hand around the house. Later did he know i helped and made $150.49 at his top.

Mud running

When it comes to mud running i'm all over the mud. I've went mud running on a bike, four wheeler, dirt bike and with my cousin in his Ford F-350 Powerstroke. I was mud running one day and we was in clay hills down towards Tennessee and these teenagers told us to go through this mud hole neck deep, and i didn't know so we did this on a bmx bike and i got soaked. But that was a day I would never forget.


I own five pitbulls, there names are Max, Little Man, Big Boy, Toby, and protector. I've owned these dogs for five years now. Protector is a solid black color, I mean he is massive, Toby is a brendal color, Max is brown and white, Big Boy and Little Man are black and white.
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