Evolutionary Leadership Bootcamp

Creating a Just, Sustainable and Flourishing World

Are you absolutely happy with the current state of society?

If you aren't, here is a thing to think about: you are designing this world right. Of course you are not the only one; every human is involved in this process, but most of us are unaware of what and how we design. Imagine how things could change if we explore our power to consciously design our social realities, and effectively use this power in building a more just, sustainable and flourishing world. Join us for the Evolutionary Leadership Bootcamp to explore just that!

Evolutionary Leadership Bootcamp

Saturday, April 4th, 3:30-5:30pm

1203 Preservation Park Way

Oakland, CA

Price for one day bootcamp with materials and lunch: $255

Scholarships are available, dependent on the number of full paying participants and donations to our scholarship fund. Learn more and sign up HERE

Bootcamp Key Elements

  • Insights and frameworks for looking at problems in a new way
  • Tools for making real choices in stead of unconscious ones
  • Deeper understanding of how to use language to inspire change
  • Connecting with great minds and spirits working to change the World for the better
  • Affirmation of the challenging work we do in the World

Read more about evolutionary leadership at our website.

Our Host - Manuel Manga

Manuel is a co-founder of the Institute for Evolutionary Leadership – an emerging community of practice that develops and supports leaders for conscious social evolution towards a just, sustainable, and flourishing world. He brings a wealth of experience in leadership development, strategic conversations, team building, systems thinking, organizational learning, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability, working with such organizations as Fair Trade USA, UNDP, USAID, World Bank, Anglo American, Allianz, Conoco, Cemex, Chrysler, Grupo Maseca, Givaudan, BankBoston, Ben & Jerry’s, Oxfam America, CARE, Plan International, EPA, Herman Miller, Westinghouse, Genzyme, and NYDEC. He has used his extraordinary experience and insights to develop his concept and model of Evolutionary Leadership – a valuable resource for leaders committed to building a just, sustainable and flourishing world.

Manuel holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanistic Psychology from the University of Massachusetts and a Masters in Social Psychology from Boston University. He has studied with Humberto Maturana and Fernando Flores, pioneers in cognition, communication, and management. He has studied leadership with Ronald Heifetz and learning organizations with Peter Senge. He is a founding member of The Society for Organizational Learning. He was an adjunct faculty in the Leadership for Change program at Boston College for 10 years.