They are a Major Problem

What is a Concussion?

A Concussion is an injury that happens to the brain, usually during high contact sports like football. The head gets a hard hit causing the brain inside to shake and hit the inside of the skull. This might give the brain minor or major damage this can be fatal if not treated properly.

How many people get Concussions?

Because Concussions are so very easy to get 1.6 to 3.8 million people get them each year. That's a lot and many get up and ignore the pain and keep on playing, not knowing how fatal or injured they really are until it gets almost out of control.
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Symptoms and Signs

  • dizzy
  • memory loss
  • vomiting or nausea
  • sensitivity to light or blurred vision
  • slurred or confusing speech
  • concentration problems within a time frame
  • coordination is off
  • easy irritation
  • over tired feeling
  • fever

Where does a concussion affect?

A concussion affects the brain usually causing it to swell affecting the central nervous system, causing the reflex slowing and memory loss to start. If not cared for or treated properly you can be injured from a concussion for life. Many have died from over swelling of the brain.

Concussion grades

  • Simple: symptoms last 7 to 10 days

  • complex: symptoms last longer than 10 days

What doctors do to help

They monitor the symptoms closely and ask silly questions to see what you remember. This helps them decide if the concussion is major or minor.

How to prevent a concussion

You can't actually prevent some concussions but there are a few ways to prevent some of them, like wear safety equipment when needed and wear a seat belt when in a car/vehicle.


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