Lisa Masuda

3:24 PM, May/12/1999

I was born on May 12th of 1999 in Tokyo, Japan.

I am the first and only daughter in the family.

I was welcomed to the world by the best parents in the world and two incredibly loving step brothers, Genki and Yuki.

I didn't live in Tokyo for that long, but it is still a very special place for me.

My Family

My family is REALLY important to me. I love every single one of them with all my heart.

I love my parents so much because they are the nicest people ever. My dad is hardworking and funny, and my mom is smart and brave. They are everything I aspire to be. They continue to inspire me everyday.

My brothers are both also really nice. Genki is 10 years older than me, and Yuki is 7 years older. We never fight anymore like we used to - we actually share a lot of interests.