Atlantic Hurricane Season

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Bermuda High

What is Bermuda High?

- Bermuda High is a large area of high atmospheric pressure and it crosses the sub - tropical atlantic ocean.

How & where does it form a hurricane?

- Bermuda High forms over the Atlantic ocean usually around late Spring and Fall. The way it circulates is counter clockwise. Afterwards, it bring the hot and humid air to the East in the Summer.

How does it effect hurricanes?

- The high ressure spins aire over the Atlantic in the clockwise circle. When the air is dryer and warmer, it forms moist air rising off the water. The water temperature increases from the heat of the sun.

El Nino

What is El Nino?

- El Nino is a complex series of climatic changes. It is a warm current that appears around Christmas time that only lasts about a few weeks to a couple months.

How & where does El Nino form?

- It ususally forms around the equator over the pacific ocean. It effects Australia, Asia & Africa. The way it forms is when a warm water current is replaced by a cold water current.

How does it effect the Atlantic hurricanes?

- El Nino increases the wind shear of hurricanes and that makes the storm focus on a much larger area. Without El Nino, the storm focuses on a much smaller area.

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Water Temperatures

How do hurricanes develop in the Atlantic?

- The warm and moist air over the ocean rises up near the surface and soon once the warm air rises high enough the air will start swirling to form a cloud. The hurricane forms at Africa and then pushes its self across the Atlantic Ocean in the path of warm water. The warmest water is in africa, and hurricanes can only form in warm waters.

What makes the water temperature warm?

- The Sun!

What role does water have in hurricane formation?

- First it's the warm water that rises and then it createds the swirl of the hurricane.

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Now you know what the weather will be like if you were worried about storms!

Created by Lauren Lassetter