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November 9 - November 13


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The next few sections will describe creative common videos vs. copyrighted videos, the audio library, searching youtube videos right in your URL bar, making gifs out of youtube videos, and downloading YouTube videos.

Creative Commons vs. Copyright

This is pretty basic, but creative commons videos DO Not have a copyright on them. That means you can legally use them anywhere, anytime, and download them as well, without any repercussions. However, please read the descriptions in creative commons videos, as they may have requests, like make sure that you give them credit whenever posting it on your website.

If you want to find a video that is creative commons, just do a normal search for whatever you are looking for. When the search results show up in youtube, there is a button that says "Filters" click on that, and then click on creative commons. All the videos that pop up will be creative common videos.

Making YouTube your Search Engine

This is just a neat trick if you want to search for youtube videos on the URL bar. This following video is only two minutes long to give you an example, and show you how!
Making youtube your search engine

Saving YouTube videos!

There are plenty of websites that will help you to download YouTube videos, but there's really easy way to do it! Just add an ss in front of the words youtube in the URL! Take a look!

**Please keep in mind that if you download a video, you may want to make sure it is a Creative Commons video (open source - no copyright). This trick works for any video, but you don't want to break any copyright laws!

This may be useful if you have a substitute teacher, and you want them to show a video, but don't want them to have to find a way past a firewall or look to far for a specific video.

Saving YouTube

Make it a gif!!!

Gifs are those little pictures that you see that move. They are essentially a video that someone cut a few seconds out of, and made into a picture. Here's an example:
And here's how to make one!
Making a Gif

Thank you!

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