LaVonje Alejandro White III

By: Eric Melton

Early Years

LaVonje Alejandro White III was born to Lavergne A. White II and Robin O. White, on February 2, 1999.

  • Raised in Naples, Italy
  • Born to Naval Parents
  • Left Italy on February 3, 2002

Early years in America

When LaVonje first moved to America he landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Shortly after LaVonje moved to Annapolis, Maryland where he spent his next year studying.

In Annapolis

  • Spent 1 year in a Baptist Private School
  • First Identified as Gifted
  • Read over 100 books a year at the age of 3.5 years old

At the age of 4, LaVonje's parents divorced, So he and his mother moved to her hometown of Chesapeake, Virginia to be with family for the next few years. While in Chesapeake LaVonje attended Providence Baptist School, Portlock Primary Elementary, and George W. Carver Intermediate.

School Achievements

  • Re-identified as Gifted
  • Learned how to play the Guitar and Piano
  • Outstanding Students
  • Joined GATE

Move to Virginia Beach

In June 2009 LaVonje moved to Virginia Beach were his mother purchased a house. LaVonje attended Bettie F. Williams Elementary were he achieved many awards and accolades, such as Honor Roll.