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Back to School Edition - September 2020

School Starts Tomorrow!

Our teachers have been working non-stop since reporting 3 weeks ago...learning the many instructional technology resources we have purchased, creating Canvas pages and modules, taking professional development, collaborating together for long-term instructional planning, and much more. Basically they have taken graduate level course equivalents and become webmasters while doing a year's worth of work in 3 weeks. We are all ready to go tomorrow morning!

Make sure you have authenticated your child's account so he/she can get into their Zoom synchronous lessons at the scheduled times (see below). More directions can be found on the handout from the Device/Learning Bag pick up day or on our Technology4Parents page on our website (https://haymarketes.pwcs.edu/technology4_parents).

This Back To School newsletter contains a great deal of information to help with tomorrow and beyond, so please read carefully.

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What To Expect for Instructional Times

During the first week or so, our teachers will be focusing two things...getting everyone into the classes and understanding our virtual expectation and procedures (technology troubleshooting and assistance) as well as creating meaningful relationships to make the the most of our current normal.

During the 2 synchronous lessons per day once we are rocking and rolling during the later part of the second week and beyond, our teachers will be using the basic format of "I do, we do, you do" for their whole group lessons. Most sessions will start with some sort of informal check-in depending on the teacher, modeling of a lesson (10-20 minutes...I do), guided practice (we do), and then independent practice (you do) with the teacher present for help. We continue to work together at the school to be flexible with our expectations of our students and families, but please know that the small group times on the virtual schedule will be used to assess where our students are so teachers can make the most of small groups when we start them in late September or early October.

Mondays - These days will be used for additional assessment, teacher collaborative planning, professional development, staff meetings, and more. Your child's teacher will be assigning asynchronous lessons (pre-recorded) and assignments to complete on Mondays once the year gets started.

Encore - In an effort to make things easier for students and parents to remember, you child will have to same encore on the same day of the week for each week. For example, every Tuesday your child may have Art, every Wednesday your child may have Music, etc. Since we usually have PE two times during a normal 6 day rotation when we were in person, our PE teachers will be posting another PE on Canvas that your child can participate in in addition to the live session all students have on one day Tuesday-Friday. All Encore lessons can be accessed through your child's homeroom teacher's Canvas homepage.

Miss device/learning bag pick up?

Our office hours are 8:30am-3:30pm Monday-Friday and we continue to follow the PWCS calendar (for example, we are closed on Monday!). If you missed the device/learning bag pick up on Monday, August 31st, please stop by the school between the hours listed above to pick up these very important items.
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Technology Help Reminder

If you are experiencing any issues with technology, please visit our technology help website (Technology4Parents - https://haymarketes.pwcs.edu/technology4_parents). There is also a button on our teacher Canvas pages that you can click that will direct you to an opportunity to submit a help ticket to our HMES tech team.

Virtual Schedule 2020-2021

The virtual daily schedule below (which may be a little hard to read depending on the device you are using) is also available on the HMES homepage: https://haymarketes.pwcs.edu/
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Parent Tips For Virtual Learning

  1. Help your child maintaining their schedule. This includes a morning routine (waking up at a reasonable time, breakfast, getting dressed into "normal" clothes, etc.).
  2. Have a dedicated learning space for your child that includes a tub or shelf for learning materials.
  3. Make sure the space for learning is quiet and has minimal distractions.
  4. Be patient and flexible as this is brand new for everyone.
  5. Continue to ask your child what they are learning about and how it relates to the real world.
  6. Encourage active participation.
  7. As questions! Below is a higher order thinking (HOT) questioning chart...shoot for Level 4 questions whenever possible which stretches their thinking!
  8. Take a digital recess break and get outside, get exercise, etc. This will help with the afternoon sessions/work tremendously.
  9. Read to your child EVERYDAY!
  10. Enjoy the time together!

We realize that you may not be the person providing these learning situations on a daily basis so please share with your daytime care provider.

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Zoom Norms/Expectations for Students

You partnership is imperative to the success of not only your child, but the greater school community! We greatly appreciate you reminding your child of our Zoom Expectations before they log on.
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E-Books Access!

Families have access to some eBooks that HMES has purchase for this school year! See directions below (Google Chrome works best for eBooks):

1. From the Haymarket homepage, click on Technology@HMES

2. Scroll down and click on Follett eBooks.

3. Click on Log In

4. Use the first part of your O365 account and password (do not add @pwcs-edu.org)

5. Scroll down to the eBooks section.

6. Click See All in the far-right hand corner.

7. Click on an eBook with an infinity symbol. This means unlimited copies.

8. Click on an eBook that has a green IN on the corner of the book. This means the book is available and one person can check it out at a time.

9. If you would like to look at an eBook, you can click open and it will let you look at the first few pages to see if you would like to read it.

10. If you would like to check out an eBook, you can click check out. The book will be checked out to you and it will tell you the date it will be returned. It will automatically be returned.

*In the top right- hand corner it will let you sort the eBooks in different ways. If you click A to Z you will be able to see all the eBooks that we currently have.


During the first quarter, when most students will attend virtually, students should participate in real-time learning whenever available and possible. Teachers will provide live lessons throughout the week and attendance will be taken. They may also hold check-ins through Canvas and/or Zoom.If a student will be absent, parents should communicate with the school to alert them of the reason. View further information regarding attendance policies on the Return to Learn webpage.

PWCS Return to Learn Webpage

For your convenience, PWCS has created a Return to Learn webpage with information and resources you and your student need to start the school year off right.

Food Services Update

In-person Students

    • All student meals until December 31 will be FREE.
    • All students will be sent home with a sack lunch on Friday to cover Monday.

Virtual Students

    • Families will have the option to pick-up a full or half weeks’ worth of grocery supplements (whole fruit, dairy, loafs of bread, packages of cheese, etc.)
      • Distribution will be from 12 noon – 6:00 p.m. on Mondays and Thursday at the 56 on locations listed on the flyer below. If school is closed on Monday, distribution will move to Tuesday.
      • Schools listed in WHITE font will offer a larger benefit, due to an additional USDA program available at those sites, but meals at all sites are free of charge.
      • The goal is to encourage families to pick-up on Mondays, but we understand many do not have the capacity to store a week’s worth of grocery supplements.
      • Any family who experiences a hardship coming to a preferred location/time will be directed to their home school’s Cafeteria Manager, so we can work with the family to make arrangements.
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Prince William County Library Cards and Digital Resources

get new info from Ryane
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Virtual Reading to Dogs

The prince William Public Libraries is partnering with PAL, a therapy dogs organization (https://www.peopleanimalslove.org/) To give our students a chance to practice reading in a fun environment. Currently there is a waiting list, but don't wait to get on the list just in case!

The first session is on Thursday, September 10, 2020 at 4:05pm. Children in grades K - 5 will be able to read to PAL (People Animal Love) registered therapy dogs in a Zoom chat room.

Children must be accompanied by a parent in the chat room. Registration with a valid email is required for this event. A link to the Zoom session will be emailed to participants with detailed instruction on how to join the program and what to expect. Each child will be paired one on one with a dog in a "Breakout Room" to read a book of choice.

Registration on the online Calendar of Events begins on Thursday, August 27. Follow the link below to register.