June 27th 2015

Todays daily diva is .....

MAIA LOUISE!!! Recently the daily diva has interviewed Maia Louise. A student from Wycombe High Grammar School. As an up and coming superstar actor and rapper we decided it would be a great opportunity to interview her now before she becomes to busy. However she was pre-occupied with a CD signing so she has sent in her reply to the question we send all of our future divas; Do you believe in miracles?

Why i believe in Miracles

My friends

The definition of a miracle is : an event that does not seem to have a natural explanation. Therefore all of my friends are miracles as i am crazy and sometimes dumb yet they love me anyway. I don't know how we all found eachother and why we all became friends but without them i would be lost. I fully believe that we are all miracles to eachother because since god sent them to me my whole world got brighter. There is no other explanation for it. I believe in miracles and my friends are some of the best examples.

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My Faith

Apart from personal experiences with miracles i was brought up a christian and the one hing i was always tought was that Jesus was a miracles. Undermining miracles would be undermining Jesus and more importantly god. I strongly believe in Jesus and his teachings. Jesus was a miracles worker and without his miracles then our entire civilization would be changed for the worse

Medical Miracles

Good examples of miracles are medical ones. i have had personal experiences with miraculous recovery's and other things that would seem impossible. My grandma was diagnosed with a terminal illness and was given 3 moths to live. However in the 2nd month she started to show signs of recovery. it got to the end of three months and she was still alive and getting better. All of the doctors were so shocked as a terminal illness is something you cant recover from and that is exactly what she did. She is still alive today. i am forever thankful for what happened. She was meant to die and didnt. It was a miracle.

And that is why i believe in miracles