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THE Ryan Christopher Keane

Written Statement

I got my inspiration from my old elementary school, Town Center. I went up to their nature park right outside the school and took some great pictures of plants and animals. I chose to use flowers and animals you could see around the plants because i think they are very cool to look at and fun to be around. I was trying to get across that plants and animals can very very interesting and fun to research. I want to show people the beauty of plants in a garden and also the beauty of the ecosystem the organisms live in. I learned that there is so much life out there other than humans. Plants and animals are here by the billions and that more people need to understand the importance in them.


These are some pictures of mostly plants and some animals in the Town Center Elementary garden. I hope you enjoy the beauty of the nature.
Selfie in front of garden
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Copper Canyon Daisy

Tagetes lemmonii
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Liatris mucronata

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Lemon Coral

Sedum reflexum

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Consolida ajacis
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Wedelia texana
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Iris selections
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Blackfoot Daisy

Melanpodium leucanthum
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Hot Lips Salvia

Salvia Greggii
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Lepus Leporidae
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Little Egret

Egretta garzetta
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These animals and plants could not survive if they were in a different environment because it provides a lot of sunlight, fertilization, and water. It also has people that will not harm it and will care for it as a community. In biology this year i learned about the cycles of life and when i see all there organisms i know the cycles that they go through in the body and in their every day lives. I also learned about the cell theory and i know that all these organisms follow the cell theory.