Social Injustice of the Jews

Holocaust 1933-1945

Adolf Hitler rose to power over Germany after the depression started. Many people were focused on feeding their families and protecting themselves to even realize what had started to happen to the Jews in Europe. Books and a few Jewish buildings had been burned and many laws restricted Jews from doing a lot of things. Their freedom was pretty much taken away from themselves. The Night of Broken Glass was the biggest turning point between Jews and Nazis. On November 9th Nazi groups beat and murdered Jews and broke into their homes to wreck all of their belongings. Jews were then deported from Germany to a Polish concentration camp for the first time. The Jewish Council was set up to try to help Jews as much as they could.

In Today's Society

Modern issues relating to the Jews are not very large because the Holocaust had done so much damage and people will never forget. One group that still follows Hitler's racial beliefs are the "Skinheads". These people do not directly target just Jewish people, but all minority races. In the past few years, Skinhead attacks haven't been extremely frequent or damaging. Jews are rare in Germany only making up 0.9% of the population as of 2012.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, social injustice of the Jews has settled down since the end of WWII. I think that the way those poor people were treated for their beliefs has made everyone remember what they went through. I hope and believe that there will never be another holocaust again. Our job to help prevent this from ever happening again is to never let history fade away. We must always remember what Hitler did!
Jews under World War 2




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