Welcome to Ms. Braun's Class!

Hello Parents!

Welcome back to school! It is a pleasure to have your child in my class. I am excited to be working with you and your child.

I am sending out a newsletter to inform parents about how my classroom is managed, organized, and structured! It is important as a teacher to set reasonable and well-established classroom expectations to create an effective and consistent learning environment. I hold all my students to high expectations and there is NO dawdling in the classroom.

Our classroom statement...

The goal of discipline is for students to assume responsibility for their actions. All aspects are improved when students do so.

Preventing classroom distractions

Most distractions in a classroom come from disruptive students. Therefore, I have a plan of action to prevent students to create class distractions. The classroom is carefully arranged to instill "Zone of Proximity". The desks are organized so I can easily walk around the classroom attending each student. This focuses on small disruptions which ultimately eliminate large disruptions and promotes consistency in the classroom.

The Three Rules of Movement

1. Constantly change the zones of proximity so that no students are in the "green zone" for too long.

2. Stimulate the brain to attend by constantly changing the student's visual field.

3. Use movement as camouflage for dealing with disruptive students.

In this classroom we learn by doing!

The Physical Modality:

We learn by doing! Effective teaching is to make learning more physical through instructional activities - SAY, SEE, DO! For each assignment the students will be provided with an explanation, a model, and then they will practice.

Rules, Rules, Rules...

In this classroom there will be general rules as followed:

1. Be responsible.

2. Be respectful.

3. Be prepared.

4. No means no!

In this classroom there will be specific rules for procedures that students will be taught. The expectations will be modeled and then the students will be expected to follow every day procedures.

Incentives & Consequences


I challenge each student to be on their best behavior everyday! To encourage good behavior and raise expectations in the classroom, I have established incentives. Students will be allowed to select a "Preferred Activity" such as art projects, music projects, or an activity of choice for good behavior.


In this classroom we use a "Backup System" for misbehavior, which is as followed:

Small: Notice is private; it is a pre-warning that could be a grade in the notebook, letter on the desk.

Medium: Notice is public within the class; it is a conversation with the student about behavior, time-out, or staying inside during recess or after school.

Large: Notice requires involvement of two professionals; it involves punishment using the school discipline plan.