Percy Jackson

Greek mythology by Rick Riordan

About Percy

Percy is a boy around the age of 13.

Percy is a boy that its hard to him to attend in the school and many schools kicked him because he has dyslexia and ADHD, but Percy realized one day that he was not just a weak child in school, he is weak in studies but then strong discovering that he has super powers because he is the son of poseidon.

About Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan is the father of a child with problems of dyslexia and ADHD child is called haley.

Haley always loved the Greek mythology, Riordan decided one day to make up a story about a child soldier is very similar but combine with the Greek mythology.

After inventing the story Rick told to his son the story for three nights, night after night untill haley told him that the story is so good that he should write him an a full book.

Rick really listened to haley and writing a full book about Percy.

the story

The story was written by Rick Riordan, an american author, the book is very successful and even a movie was made about it.

Rick became a famous man, and now he is a lecturer to school children (in the past he was a teacher).