The Ban Hammer Slammer

A Minecraft Prison Server

Server RULES

1.) Do not use any mod, hack, or 3rd party programs.

2.) Do not spam the chat.

3.) Do not cause any server glitches.

4.) Do not glitch out of the prison.

5.) Do not abuse the areas you can build.

6.) Do not advertise other servers.

Prison RULES

1.) Do not attack other prisoners/guards.

2.) Killing the same guard in a row can result in a temp jail.

3.) Never be in possession of contraband items. If a Guard sees an item, he/she will count down from 5. If you do not hand it over the following will happen: In a PvP- Zone: The Guard will attack, In a Non-PvP-Zone: The Guard will jail.

4.) Do not camp the spawn, work areas, shops, etc.

5.) Do not run into a Non-PvP area to get away from a fight.


  1. You are allowed to attack anyone that attacks you or another person. If a prisoners is being attacked but does simply not fight back, do not kill the victim unless he/she fights.
  2. The only time that you may attack a prisoner is in the event that they hit you or another prisoner first.
  3. If a contraband item is seen, tell the prisoner to hand it over. If the prisoner is in a PvP zone and doesn't comply or tries to run, you may jail him/her. If he/she is in a Non-PvP area than jail him/her.
  4. Use the Guard kits only. Wearing any other type of armor is prohibited and will result in a de-rank.
  5. Jail prisoners for killing the same guard more than three times, spawn killing, griefing the tree farm, etc.
  6. ***** If a prisoner hits you and runs into a Non-PvP zone, you can not attack them when they leave unless you tagged them before they entered.