the study that will save all

about it!

  • Pharmacogenomics is the study of how genes affect a persons response to drugs
  • Its used today by most doctors to help patients who have or do drugs to try to help them recover.
  • Pharmacogenomics benefits the world by helping reduce side affects to HIV which causes AIDS.
  • The only disadvantage is that there are thousands of similar drugs so you have to get a perfect prescription that suits you, if not the right one is used it can cause many risk to your overall health.
  • It affects the economy in the way that many want it, and are willing to pay top dollar for it also making it so that it takes away any drug that negatively effects a person.
  • Wherever the environment is it affects the person according to it otherwise it does not have any other control over the environment.
  • It affects our social aspect in a way most would expect, most companies are willing to pay top dollar to get there hands on the specific study.
  • Most believe this study can and will lead to getting rid of Aids and many more other diseases.
  • Pharmacogenomics is the future of healthcare most say, it will give us better understanding to most things in the world we do not understand medicine wise of course.
  • It will help lead to many more discoveries it will bring more advanced research to out world.
  • Many take it but just remeber you need to have the exact amount of dosage if not it can lead to many diseases.
  • Aids is a huge disease that many are trying to fix every day and Pharmacogenomics is a way that can or may be able to contol this disease and many more one day they are hoping to fully take out HIV and many more
  • It also results on how old the age is, the weight, the height and much more results according to your body only
  • Pharmacogenomics is a leading research that is not at all finished.