Kindergarten - Sept. 21-25, 2015

F. L. Moffett Primary School Library

Monday - September 21, 2015

Today, we read non-fiction books about frogs because we need to know more

than we already know about them. We need to write sentences or phrases about frogs.

We already know that frogs are green. Frogs jump a lot and make a ribbit sound.

Tuesday - September 22, 2015

The Big 6 is a model for doing research on any topic.

It helps you focus on what to do when you are looking for information about something

like frogs.

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Wednesday - September 23, 2015

Today school dismissed early. No special class in the Library for Ms. Rogers, Ms. Aguilar, or Ms. Covington. One class came before lunch and checked out books. Then, they sat for a few minutes on the "beach" and enjoyed their books.

The first day of Fall is today, Wednesday, September 23, 2015.

It was still hot today like at the beach.

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Thursday - September 24, 2015

We read fiction and non-fiction books about frogs so that we can write about them next week.

Another source for frog non-fiction information was the website

We looked at two magazines with articles about frogs in them.

Flooring people arrived today to work on the floor in the library. Ms. Grande's class

moved to Room 203 this afternoon.

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Friday - September 25, 2015

Today we shared more resources.

"Froggy" books are about one of our most favorite fiction frogs.

We even have an autobiography of Jonathan London, who wrote the "Froggy" books.

Autobiography means that Mr. London, himself, wrote his life story.