Home-less Vs. Non-Homeless

by: Taylor Hall

Homeless Teens

Have you ever thought about how many teens there are homeless , and sitting on the street with signs asking for money for food and something to drink . Those teens who got kicked out of the house for bad choices or dropped out of school . Do want to know how many of those teens are on the street and homeless ,and how many teens are out getting there education and living the life they dreamed of having and the career that they wanted .

According to HUDs 2014 Point -In-Time report , 34% of the total teen are homeless and not living that dream life that dreamed of . Some homeless children are with there families .In 2014 however 45,205 are unaccompanied.

About 80% of homeless youth 12-21 use alcohol or are on drugs as a means to self medicate to deal with the traumatic experiences or abuse .